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culminate in (something)

To end or result in something. All of my hard work culminated in several awards at the end of the school year.
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culminate in something

to climax in something; to end with something. The contest culminated in a victory for the best band. The play-offs culminated in a big win for the Chicago team.
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In Operation TORCH, Generals Bernard Montgomery and Rommel had earlier provided examples of not anticipating culmination points, by simply chasing each other's armies around the desert in 1941-42.
In southern Florida, at lower culmination, Kochab and Pherkad are a mere 9[degrees] and 7[degrees] above the horizon.
March 5 is Parade Day for New Sydney Mardi Gras, the culmination of a month-long festival of events, and is twinned with London Mardi Gras.
This initiative is the first of its kind and aims to sensitize police and other law enforcement officials on how to interview children who have endured sexual violence, which is a culmination of a series of assaults on their dignity.
The new computerized CPA Exam format went live April 5, the culmination of more than three years of work by the AICPA, NASBA and Thomson Prometric.
As a result, the book can stand alone, although readers of the series will be most rewarded by the culmination of events.
Created by NIST staff and contractors, the CD-ROM represents the culmination of a 3 year effort to provide an interactive, multimedia supplement/reinforcement for a basic mass metrology seminar.
This case is the culmination of what I've done over the past 12 years," said Harlow, who predicted the court would issue a favorable ruling in the case in June.
The International ChildArt Festival is the culmination of ICAF's Arts Olympiad, which starts with local and national art competitions.
In this light, the Guggenheim exhibition provides another neat culmination for Barney's project: a kind of Cartesian pineal gland where concrete sculpture and architecture meet the abstractions of cinema and art history--and so a place where there is no way out but into the artist's baroque narratives.
Without downplaying the enormous work put into Mee Moua's campaign to mobilize the Hmong community, her campaign was, at the same time, the culmination of over two decades of evolution and constant interactions between the Hmong community and the political process.
When schools plan events such as Math Party Day, a game-filled family day that is suggested as the culmination of Math Literacy Week, Rosenthal says children get excited about math.
This beautifully illustrated work of Renaissance art history challenges many of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the Renaissance by arguing that "the Renaissance represented a culmination rather than a complete rejection of.
The attempt to model and create a minimal genome," they say, "represents the culmination of a reductionist research agenda about the meaning and significance of life that has spanned the 20th century.
But fear not, regal evening can be had just a quick channel train ride away at Le Bal du Roy in Paris' Palace of Versailles, This New Year's Eve celebration is the culmination of a five-day V.