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culminate in (something)

To end or result in something. All of my hard work culminated in several awards at the end of the school year.
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culminate in something

to climax in something; to end with something. The contest culminated in a victory for the best band. The play-offs culminated in a big win for the Chicago team.
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BEIRUT: The Progressive Socialist Party and the Free Patriotic Movement are expected on Monday to unveil a joint working plan that was the culmination of several weeks of discussions, pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat reported on Sunday.
Arrival at the point of culmination can be caused by various factors.
So at 40[degrees] north latitude, where the celestial pole stands 40[degrees] above the northern horizon, Kochab and Pherkad are 56[degrees] and 58[degrees] high at upper culmination but only 24[degrees] and 22[degrees] up at lower culmination.
UP to 100 young dance hopefuls will be in the spotlight next month when they take to the stage for the culmination of a ballet project.
The Battle Of Perryville: Culmination Of The Failed Kentucky Campaign is a historic study of the South's ill-fated campaign to bring the fence-sitting border state of Kentucky into the Confederacy.
Croton's attorney Michael Gerrand tells the Journal News that the order is "the culmination of two-and-a-half years of litigation.
Written by nationally recognized author, speaker, and educator Leith Anderson, Jesus: An Intimate Portrait of the Man, His Land, and His People is the culmination of years of research and offers a straightforward biographical telling of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The sale of the Melrose student housing portfolio is the culmination of a successful marketing campaign that resulted in offers from a number of institutional capital sources and student housing operators that were seeking to establish or enhance their presence in the rapidly growing student housing market," noted Steven A.
This contract represents the culmination of several years of effort between L-3 ES, the end-user community, Boeing and our industrial partners," said Richard Ackerman, vice president of contracts, marketing and projects at L-3 ES.
The culmination of the unidentified youth's spree happened about 4:30 a.
THIS weekend is the culmination of the world's biggest gay festival in my spiritual home of Sydney.
The Church from its origins," he went on to say, "has been firmly convinced that the common celebration of the Eucharist represents the culmination of ecclesial life.
The Steinway Peace Piano marks the culmination of Steinway & Sons' 150th anniversary celebration.
This initiative is the first of its kind and aims to sensitize police and other law enforcement officials on how to interview children who have endured sexual violence, which is a culmination of a series of assaults on their dignity.