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culminate in (something)

To end or result in something. All of my hard work culminated in several awards at the end of the school year.
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culminate in something

to climax in something; to end with something. The contest culminated in a victory for the best band. The play-offs culminated in a big win for the Chicago team.
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The undergraduates were administered the outcome measure MFTP (Educational Testing Service, 1998a) as part of their culminating seminar in psychology.
The LWV of Westchester, NY, recognizing that young people would be the most appropriate group to help them in Getting Out the Vote, collaborated with Pace University, NY, in a project culminating in a 3-day mock Presidential Convention 2004.
European Union (EU) Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA), culminating 2 years of effort.
After a series of inspections culminating in our receiving renewed reactor safety and weapons certifications, one ominous day the whole crew filled out their wills and we deployed on a two month "Spec Op.
Evidence of the Cretaceous impact mounted quickly, culminating in the discovery in the early 1990s of a giant crater hidden beneath the Yucatan Peninsula.
through the stunning "Assemblages d'empreintes" (Imprint assemblages, 1955), which at times look very "photographic," to the Materiologies (Materiologies, 1959-60), or the urban images of Paris-Circus, 1961-62, and culminating in the famous series "L 'hourloupe," 1962-74.
The cantilevered hall marks the lower end of the complex, projecting down-valley towards the town and sheltering the glazed cafeteria beneath it, while the bridge-like gallery is the culminating and linking element tying the whole group of building forms together.
This course, Education 590 Culminating Experience, has been renumbered (from Education 598) and redesigned to meet a known gap in the degree program: No formal project was seen to completion in which the student planned and revised a project based on newly-acquired knowledge and reflection throughout the licensure process.