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bene cull

obsolete slang A good fellow. Primarily heard in UK. Ah, no, he's one of us—a right bene cull!
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cull (someone or something) out of (something)

To remove someone or something from a group. We were so determined to win the science bowl that we culled everyone who seemed susceptible to stage fright out of the team.
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cull out

To separate and remove someone or something from a group. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cull" and "out." We were so determined to win the science bowl that we culled out everyone who seemed susceptible to stage fright. We culled the weakest members of the herd out so that only the strongest would reproduce.
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cull the herd

1. Literally, to separate or remove (and usually kill) inferior animals out of a herd so as to reduce numbers or remove undesirable traits from the group as a whole. We had to quickly cull the herd when it came to light that some cows might be carrying an infectious disease.
2. By extension, to separate or remove people from a larger group. With so many people applying for a limited number of jobs, employers have had to cull the herd by introducing much stricter criteria and a more elaborate application for hiring. Universities have long used standardized test results as a means of culling the herd of applicants they receive each year.
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cull someone or something out of something

 and cull someone or something out
to eliminate someone or something from a group. We will cull the older pigeons out from the flock. They culled out the slower runners from the team.
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n. a socially unacceptable person. This place is so filled with culls! Let’s split.
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In other words, the "gaps" fulfilling the reader's expectations regarding generic conventions and reality models will guide the reader to "move back from world [as created by the text] to text so as to compose and give meaning to what has been identified," to put it in Culler's terms (226).
Culler's physical wounds healed slowly, first in England and then back in the United States.
En este poema, sor Juana apela a uno de los recursos que mayor coherencia le otorgan al soneto como lo es el uso de la apostrofe, una figura retorica en la que la voz poetica se dirige a un destinatario no real, lo que muestra, de acuerdo con Culler, como "la intensidad emocional se adscribe especialmente al propio acto de dirigirse a algo o invocarlo" ("Retorica" 95).
Reynolds argues that Whitman's 1860 Leaves of Grass operates in this optative mode of willing the country into a reconciled state that Culler refers to as the "now" or "time of discourse": "'I will,' [Whitman] constantly tells us.
"I think there's opportunity there," says Culler, "but the business is changing so rapidly, technology is changing so rapidly, the needs in the marketplace are changing so rapidly."
Wat die proaiereties kode betref, meen Culler (84) dat hierdie kode die leser help om byvoorbeeld "a series of models of action" te kan plaas binne die sekwensies in die teks.
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The NGWSP will divert a total of 37,764 acre-feet of water annually from the San Juan River and the existing Culler Reservoir, treat he water at two water treatment plants, and deliver water to the cities and chapters via 260 miles of pipeline and 24 pumping plants.
''Intellectual property is another area of common interest, where our progress with Japan has set the stage for us to jointly promote new measures in APEC that encourage and protect innovation,'' Culler added.
He's a good culler and they have to earn their salt to be there," added Webber.
Jonathan Culler, in his readings of de Man, observes "readings have to engage each other in direct confrontations as one reading is precisely the error denounced by the other and has to be undone by it (Culler, 1983: 247).
Luther Culler, a 28-year-old safety officer from the Philippines, said: "It is heart-warming to enjoy the brotherhood of fellow Muslims.
In his book, Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction,16 Jonathan Culler devotes his first chapter to the question 'What is theory?', and comes up with something very different from all the other answers discussed so far.