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36 weeks-Pushes one cube on table with another cube.
Stone says Balcones Resources' Little Rock plant is currently producing about 1,600 tons of fuel cubes per month, but has the capacity to produce twice that amount per month should the materials generated and end markets merit it.
Digital Gradation Circuit - elevates brightness level on cube edges to eliminate shadows
The classic 3x3 Rubik's Cube has 43 quintillion (43,252,003,274,489,856,000) possible configurations, and the fastest time for solving the Cube is a mind-boggling 16.
The Armada cube campaign will not only grab attention in busy metro areas, but it ties in strategically with the overall adventure positioning of Armada.
We recognized that the market is ripe for a small box equipped with a lot of options that would appeal to everyday PC users and make a real fashion statement," said Dale Tsai, director, XC Cube product line, AOpen Inc.
SRC Software, the leader in providing flexibility and sophistication for enterprise budgeting and financial planning, has announced that it has expanded the reporting and analysis capabilities of its Advisor Series(TM) system with support for Microsoft(R) Analysis Services -- allowing compatibility with leading OLAP cube viewers such as products from Business Objects(R), Cognos(R) and ProClarity(R).
Monarch|ES and ES Cube return an immediate and large ROI by simply unlocking the huge investment and tremendous store of knowledge in a company's existing reports.
However, because most OLAP servers are deployed at a departmental level, there is a risk that "islands of automation" can proliferate, with different groups pulling corporate data into OLAP cubes with no central controls over the accuracy of the data.
Knowledge Cubes can be used as content for Molloy Group's award-winning TOP Of MIND(R) Help Desk software, to "populate" the TOP Of MIND knowledge base for problem resolution.
Knowledge Cubes are dynamic - they grow with use, providing richer and more closely tailored solutions for the user's help desk environment.
The new arrangements also include a fabrication services agreement under which Irvine Sensors will build cubes for IBM should IBM have a demand for such services during the lease period which extends through 1998.
Knowledge Cubes are standardized knowledge content enhancements for TMG's award-winning TOP OF MIND(R) Help Desk software.
and LONDON -- Imperva(TM), the leader in data security for the data center, today announced a channel partnership with Blue Cube Security, the leading provider of Intelligent Protection(TM) security solutions.