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cube out

To fill the entirety of a storage area or space with boxes or cube-shaped containers, especially when they fit perfectly together without leaving any gaps. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cube" and "out." Ideally, you'd want to cube the pallets out before wrapping them up to avoid things shifting around during transport. We want the boxes to be as densely packed as possible when cubing out our cargo ships. We aren't paying to ship air, after all.
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ice cube

A small piece of ice molded into a cube shape. Ice cubes are often added to drinks to keep them cold. Hey, can you throw a couple of ice cubes in my drink here? I'm just wrapping up a few ice cubes so you can put them on your injured knee.
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1. n. a very square person. This nerd was the most unbelievable cube you have ever seen.
2. n. a die, one of a pair of dice. (Usually in the plural.) She shook the cubes, saying, “Baby needs shoes!”
3. n. a sugar cube impregnated with LSD. (Drugs. Often in the plural.) First they took it on cubes. Then on little bits of paper.
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Growing health conscious population followed by increasing awareness of benefits associated with bouillon cubes is driving the market for Bouillon cubes.
Giving reasons for the choice of the brand's pay-off line 'Locks the aroma in; Gets the taste out', Onubogu stated that Terra Seasoning Cube has been formulated and manufactured to preserve the aroma of meals during and after cooking.
This amazed her parents, who then decided to give her a Rubik's cube and encouraged her to play with it.
The cubes can re-create those environments, or even enhance them to more ideal conditions.
* Makes up to 33 pounds of solid, crystal clear ice cubes in a 24 hour period
It was said there were 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible positions into which the Cube could be turned - I'll take their word for it.
O'Beirne's special dissection of a 3 x 3 x 3 cube into nine bent, or L-shaped, tri-cubes (example Figure 2).
Try freezing other liquids in the ice cube tray: other fruit juices, milk, or whatever you like to drink.
Smart Cube detects drink levels using capacitive liquid sensors within the cube case.
Partnership, has completed the acquisition of assets from US-based grain and hay company FSI Cube and Pellet, IAF said.
It also claimed a 500ml bottle of Coca-Cola contains 13.5 sugar cubes and that a 471ml Frijj chocolate milkshake contains 12.7 cubes.
DOES anybody still use sugar cubes? They might be somewhat out of fashion, but it's still worth keeping those square portions on your radar, as they could be a useful indicator for just how much of the white stuff you're consuming.
Adel Abidin's installation, "Tasty", features a mosque created from sugar cubes and a video projection showing ants crawling around this mosque.
Part of the Change4Life campaign, the app scans barcodes to see how many 4-gram sugar cubes an item contains.
Marching cubes algorithm is generated by contour surface of 3D data field.