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cube out

To fill the entirety of a storage area or space with boxes or cube-shaped containers, especially when they fit perfectly together without leaving any gaps. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cube" and "out." Ideally, you'd want to cube the pallets out before wrapping them up to avoid things shifting around during transport. We want the boxes to be as densely packed as possible when cubing out our cargo ships. We aren't paying to ship air, after all.
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ice cube

A small piece of ice molded into a cube shape. Ice cubes are often added to drinks to keep them cold. Hey, can you throw a couple of ice cubes in my drink here? I'm just wrapping up a few ice cubes so you can put them on your injured knee.
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1. n. a very square person. This nerd was the most unbelievable cube you have ever seen.
2. n. a die, one of a pair of dice. (Usually in the plural.) She shook the cubes, saying, “Baby needs shoes!”
3. n. a sugar cube impregnated with LSD. (Drugs. Often in the plural.) First they took it on cubes. Then on little bits of paper.
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I have personally been associated with 10 different companies over the years that made pellets or cubes, starting in the early '80s with a company in Iowa called Cuber Corporation.
add "r" to words, such as "idear" and "Cuber," when those words come before a vowel or at the end of a sentence.
To answer this question a replication of the 1940 study of sexual morality of college students by John Cuber and Betty Bell published in the American Journal of Sociology was conducted between 2000 and 2005.
It's a powerhouse of a band, drawing some of the strongest players from the New York scene into its ranks - players like trumpeter Ryan Kisor, saxophonists Wayne Escoffery, Vincent Herring, Craig Handy and Ronnie Cuber, trombonists Ku-umba Frank Lacy, Earl McIn-tyre and Conrad Herwig, and pianist Kenny Drew Jr.
The new Prodigy Cuber features a state-of-the-art self-monitoring system that provides up-to-the-minute reporting on the machine's performance, as well as its maintenance needs.
Far easier was to find some genius who could show you the solution ( of which, as every good cuber knows, there is only one ( although there are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 alternative combinations to choose from.
Konno, "Cuber Predistortion Linearizer for Relay Equipment in 800 MHz Band Land Mobile Telephone System," IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Vol.
Builder: CFR Development, Santa Monica, Calif.; Architect: Steven Ehrlich Architects, Cuber City, Calif.; Landscape design: J.
Material is shredded to a consistent size and then placed in a "cuber," or extrusion machine, where fuel cubes are extruded under pressure.
We caught up with six head honchos, from Hollywood CEO Peter Cuber to Reuters chief Tom Glocer, and asked them about the devices they can't live without.
John leads out on piano, organ, and vocals, with accompaniment from David Barard on bass, Bobby Broom on guitar, Herman Ernest III on drums, Ronnie Cuber on saxophone, and Cyro Baptista on percussion.
Ellington aficionados may be surprised how well the dreamy "Mood Indigo" works as a gospel-tinged soul song, or that the 1940 classic "Perdido" makes for airy acid jazz (with Ronnie Cuber's booming baritone sax solo saving it from becoming a little too airy).
Her favourite route, which she showed me, takes four hours, leading from the Cuber reservoir - deep in the mountains in the north-east - down to the old town of Soller.
The remaining combustibles will be processed in a fuel cuber.