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For example, Stephen Cavanagh, a partner in the law firm of Kelly, Howard and Santini, Ottawa, Canada, uses Crystal Ball to help insurance clients get more accurate estimates for reserve payments on specific claims.
But he refused to accept the crystal ball was to blame for the destruction.
With the new features and functionalities of Crystal Ball 7, Decisioneering continues to pioneer the use of simulation and optimization in everyday decisions and further sets the standard for how people communicate risk throughout their organization," said Jim Franklin, CEO of Decisioneering, Inc.
For 20 years, we've been providing Crystal Ball software to business managers and users who need easy access to powerful predictive analytic capabilities for decision making and planning," said Jim Franklin, president and CEO of Decisioneering.
Customers participating in Decisioneering's maintenance program will automatically receive their Crystal Ball 2000.
Shell has built a strong reputation as a leader in the application of leading-edge risk tools, and their commitment to Crystal Ball emphasizes this focus.
In addition to forecasting Wood's future, Charnes and his students also used Crystal Ball to answer an equally intriguing question: whether or not Phil Mickelson would ever win a Major.
Its strong relative position in the Telemark Crystal Ball, a new type of evaluation that looks to the future, implies that Orange Business Services is likely to have the best potential to in meet the technology and coverage needs of enterprises restructuring for globalization.
This two-day course is designed to provide new Crystal Ball users with the skills necessary to apply Monte Carlo simulation within a Six Sigma or Design for Six Sigma program.
Because the Stochastic Modeling Workbench uses Open Crystal Ball(TM) as its core risk analysis software," says Charles Von Thun, CEO of Decisioneering, "existing investments in desktop Crystal Ball and Microsoft Excel models can be leveraged.
Blue-sky predictions and crystal ball forecasts can inspire and provoke thought.
developer of the award-winning Crystal Ball 2000 line of decision analysis tools, has announced the release of "Risk Analysis Using Crystal Ball," a multimedia training CD designed to teach professionals the fundamentals of spreadsheet risk analysis and Monte Carlo simulation.
A 3-inch-tall wizard holding a crystal ball, normally $15 ($30 retail), is now $11.
developer of the award-winning Crystal Ball 2000 line of decision analysis tools, has announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, Inc.
With an average call bringing in $40, it doesn't take a crystal ball to see that psychic phone services are a big business.