crying shame

a crying shame

Something that is problematic and inopportune. It's a crying shame that the car just died—I planned to give it to you some day.
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it's a crying shame

It is problematic and inopportune. It's a crying shame that the car just died—I planned to give it to you some day.
See also: crying, shame
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crying shame

Fig. a very unfortunate situation; a real shame. It's a crying shame that people cannot afford adequate housing. That your father could not attend graduation was a crying shame.
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For myself, I am old, and willing to take the fortune that the Lord may see fit to give, nor do I conceit that you are of much benefit to mankind; and it is a crying shame, if not a sin, that so fine a youth as this should lose his scalp for two beings so worthless as ourselves.
Tony Walsh, from Feed Our Homeless, urged Mr Murphy to quit, adding: "It's a crying shame to see 4,000 children homeless and 10,000 overall without a home."
Aquilino Pimentel III, PDP-Laban president, previously said it would be a "crying shame" if the speakership does not go to a member of his party.
Would you invest in a money-pit hotel in Huddersfield?" Kim Garner added: "Crying shame. Let Wetherspoons get their hands on it.
David Hawkins I UNDERSTAND it but it's a crying shame for me and people like me.
"It really is a crying shame that we missed out on those topfour places because I think it's been a terrific effort from everyone involved here when you consider everything we've gone through as a club," Mason said.
What did I do With my life What did you do With your life Questions need answers But who can tell In this crazy mixed up world We call heaven and hell August dreams were good I walked in the woods And I played ten pin bowling In September I'm going To talk to the moon And water my sunflowers Soon the weather will change And there will be no pain Everything will be lovely Because of positive thinking But I know some people They talk about Trump and May And how we are all going To be worse off in the future What a crying shame Yes, what we need is ten pound An hour minimum wage And cheaper petrol And more houses built So lets get cracking To make the world a better place KENNETH MOOD
His contact is [email#160protected]IT'S A CRYING SHAME: As Nairobi City County struggles to ensure that there is some semblance of cleanliness and orderliness, especially in the city centre, the open-air NSSF parking lot at the Kenyatta Avenue/Uhuru Highway junction, is a crying shame, remarks Peter Shikhule.
I had some memorable nights in there and it's a crying shame to see yet another Cardiff pub go.
EAST KILBRIDE football legend Ally McCoist insists it's a "crying shame" the town does not have its own stadium to host this weekend's huge Scottish Cup tie with Celtic.
Amazing history behind the language and it's a crying shame that people are happy to let it die out!
The health club owner, who appeared on TV's Secret Millionaire, said: "Sporting facilities have been shut down and it's a crying shame. Now is the time to put something back into health." Mr Chaudry, of Newcastleunder-Lyme, Staffordshire, provides free swimming lessons for pupils and free gym use for people struggling with their health.
"If that is breached, we have an internal disciplinary It's crying shame process." He added that any financial penalty would eat away at funds for equipment.
In the year when we commemorate the first of two world wars in which the British fought for liberty, freedom, justice and equality, it is a crying shame that UKIP has done so well elsewhere in the country.
In response to 'A crying shame' (GDN, June 26), either this person has never seen babies or infants cry - or is unaware of the fact that babies cry during takeoff and landing because of the pressure difference.