a crying need

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a crying need

A critical need for someone or something. I decided to join the Red Cross because there is a crying need for medical workers in underdeveloped countries.
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crying need (for someone or something)

Fig. a definite or desperate need for someone or something. There is a crying need for someone to come in and straighten things out. All the people in that area have a crying need for a local hospital.
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a crying ˈneed (for something)

a great and urgent need for something: There’s a crying need for more roads, but at the same time the wildlife needs to be preserved.
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It was a time, according to a noticeable article in the "Pioneer," when the crying needs of the country might well counteract a reluctance to public action on the part of men whose minds had from long experience acquired breadth as well as concentration, decision of judgment as well as tolerance, dispassionateness as well as energy-- in fact, all those qualities which in the melancholy experience of mankind have been the least disposed to share lodgings.
Her cleanness and purity had reacted upon him, and he felt in his being a crying need to be clean.
No, we were left with no goalscorer and no central defender, the two crying needs of the team.
The priority is to rebuild the country and public services, which are the most crying needs, as pointed out by European and African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) members of parliament.
The deficits that he has created will give him a handy excuse to say no to anything the Democrats might offer to address the crying needs of this country.