cry for (someone or something)

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cry for (someone or something)

1. To express a want or need through crying. I've been rocking the baby for an hour, but she's still crying for her mother.
2. To be in need of something. My hair is just crying for a trim—it's been too long since my last trip to the salon.
3. To cry over someone or something's departure or absence. Oh, don't cry for me—I'll be back home at the end of the semester.
4. To yell or call for someone or something. I cried for my dad as soon as I saw the flood in the basement.
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cry for someone or something

1. to weep for the absence or loss of someone or something. No need to cry for me. Take care of yourself. She cried for her lost cat.
2. to shout a demand for someone or something. She cried for help, but no one heard her. Tony cried for Walter, but he did not hear.
3. to cry or bawl, signaling the need or want for someone or something. (As done by a baby.) The baby cried for a bottle. Little Jimmy was crying for his mother.
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cry for

Also, cry out for; have a crying need for. Be in urgent need of, as in This wall cries for a second coat of paint, or This car is crying out for a good washing, or There is a crying need for order in this house. The figurative use of cry for, literally meaning "implore" or "weep for," dates from the late 1500s, as does the use of crying for "demanding attention." The first variant, alluding to actually shouting out one's needs or desires, dates from the second half of the 1800s.
See also: cry
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The program, packaged in a DVD/booklet or web and mobile application, helps normalize increased infant crying for parents so that they have clearer expectations about their baby's crying and aren't compounded with additional frustration from worrying that something is wrong or abnormal with their baby.
But crying for emotional reasons and crying in response to aesthetic experiences are unique to us," he told Scientific American.
She's appalled at this apparent lack of self-control, and it has got her thinking - we take crying for granted, but what do our tears really mean?
Phill Jupitus gives us the perspective on crying for someone who loves to have a good boo hoo; Shappi Khorsandi tells us that Brits cry differently to those from other cultures and Richard E Grant shows us how he can cry on cue.
Phill Jupitus gives us the perspective on crying for someone who loves to have a good boo hoo; Shappi Khorsandi lets us know that Brits cry differently compared with those from other cultures and Richard E Grant shows us how he can cry on cue.
As for crying for attention of the opposite sex, I suppose it is something the tutor has to determine in each specific situation.
THIS is where you leave the child crying for increasing periods of time so they learn to get to sleep without you being there.
It was very rare she was crying for a reason we could immediately understand.
I told my mom that I did not want to be the reason Jaylin never stopped crying for Big Bird because he went bye-bye for good.
He says he has always been fascinated with professional mourners who make a living out of crying for dead people they do not even know.
My crying for no reason record is currently unbroken in at least nine countries.
Borgquist (1906) distinguished crying for grief or sadness, for anger and for joy.
However, the quality of this literature is debatable; the analysis did not distinguish private expressions of grief from culturally prescribed displays of public mourning; and crying for bereavement is not necessarily a good indicator of crying for other reasons.
Her second child, a baby boy only 2 weeks old, had colic - inconsolable crying for hours on end and one of the most-dreaded conditions faced by parents.
A BABY'S cry is their only way of communicating but it can be very hard to distinguish what it is your child is crying for, particularly for new parents.