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So they stopped crying - it's called anaclitic depression.
It is also considered that crying could make a man less attractive to women.
Among depressed individuals, the presence or absence of crying bore little relationship to self-reports of sadness, facial displays of the feeling, or stress responses.
But we also have tears of joy the associated feelings of which last a shorter time than crying in the other circumstances," he added.
Of course, there are a few stars who have hit the headlines for crying - and surprisingly not all of the tears have come from females.
Crying is a wake-up call that our relationship, or job, or whatever, is causing us to feel upset, isn't working for us and requires change.
Colic is generally described as uncontrollable crying for more than three hours a day and at least three days a week in an otherwise healthy infant.
The portable hand-held unit is simply placed near the crying baby and within 20 seconds it can depict the reason for the tears.
Perhaps the likes of macho Matthew Pinsent - who cried his eyes out on receiving his rowing gold medal in Athens - and good old Gazza have made crying seem more acceptable too.
Behavioral counseling cut the duration of crying bouts in half and helped more than the other two approaches, report Dieter Wolke, now of the University of Munich Children's Hospital in Germany, and his colleagues in the September PEDIATRICS.
I did not seek Jaye Davidson in order to define my thought around Jaye Davidson, but he (it) may insist on this nevertheless as he/she/it does in The Crying Game: "Give me a bit more babe, a bit more .
Nearly two thirds of women felt did not feel better after crying, and the resulting low mood lasted for up to two days, researchers found.
Professor Frey said: "Emotional crying can release stress-related chemicals as well as endorphins, the natural painkillers that can have a calming effect.
Starting to feel a bit worried about what the neighbours are thinking with all this crying - it's quite loud