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Constructed to better adapt to the fluctuating volume of diners, a common dilemma among hotel restaurants, Crybabies Diner is able to provide numerous service styles.
The Crybabies menu features hamburgers, blue plate specials, and other "comfort food" preferred by both families and business travelers.
Located in the heart of Amarillo's professional district, Crybabies Diner has also attracted the attention of the city's business population.
You crybabies need to wake up and realize that without Los Angeles, the Valley would be nothing more than a lump of mass west of downtown.
Stand back now, you crybabies, and watch a real leader take this country into the 21st century and with honor
I am tired of these crybabies moaning and making excuses about what happened in Florida.
I'm sick of crybabies complaining about Dennis Rodman coming to L.
Traditional Scottish folk singer Gaughan can reduce a club full of boozed-up folk fans to sniffling crybabies.
In his book, ``No Room for Crybabies,'' Green criticized the owners and proposed several scenarios on how to solve the team's ownership situation.
Foyt blasted Championship Auto Racing Teams on Sunday, calling the car owners who are boycotting the Indianapolis 500 crybabies and ingrates.