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/say uncle Informal
To indicate a willingness to give up a fight or surrender: tickled my brother until he cried uncle.

cry (one's)

eyes/heart out
To weep inconsolably for a long time.

cried all the way to the bank, he/she

Exulted in a sizable monetary gain from something that either had been criticized for lacking merit or simply had not been expected to yield much. This expression, always used ironically, originated in the United States about 1960. The popular pianist Liberace, criticized by serious musicians for his flashy, sentimental style, is said to have so replied to a detractor (as reported in his autobiography, published in 1973). A kindred expression, laughed all the way to the bank, is occasionally substituted.
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And so it matters little if you cry at your child's school play or just watching an insurance commercial featuring puppies and kittens.
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Crying is normal for a baby, but excessive inconsolable cry or not crying at all can be a sign of sick newborn.
The patient has continued taking the medication, and the inability to cry has persisted.
Regarding the emotions that caused the crying (see Table 1), statistical differences were obtained between pain and fear in these parameters: a) starting to cry after the stimulus (F(1, 18) = 37.
Unalleviated stress can increase risk of heart attack and damage certain areas of our brain, so the human ability to cry has a survival value.
The preliminary findings of Bartholomew and Horowitz (1991) confirm that these individuals do, indeed, cry more often than individuals with other attachment styles.
They would begin to come, and then came that part of me, having learned not to cry, that simply shut the tears off.
Vowing to try to help ensure no other families had to go through the same torment, they threw their weight behind supporting CRY.
Find out why babies cry -- and how to handle a crying baby.
Phill Jupitus gives us the perspective on crying for someone who loves to have a good boo hoo; Shappi Khorsandi lets us know that Brits cry differently compared with those from other cultures and Richard E Grant shows us how he can cry on cue.
Dear reader, SOME people are quick to cry, others do so less often.
Every doctor I consulted advised me to set a sleeping routine by letting my baby cry herself to sleep.
Newborn babies cry in melodic patterns that they have heard in adults' conversations before birth, say medical anthropologist Kathleen Wermke of the University of Wurzburg in Germany and her colleagues.