crush to

crush (someone or something) (in)to (something)

To pulverize or break something into a certain condition or state. I crushed the cookies into crumbs and added them to the icing. The fallen tree branch crushed the car's windshield to pieces.
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crush someone or something to something

to press or squeeze someone or something into a particular state, such as death, a pulp, nothing, etc. The anaconda crushed the tapir to death. Donna crushed the bananas to a pulp and put them into the cake batter.
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crush something (in)to something

to grind or break something into bits and pieces. He crushed the fennel seeds into a powder. The roller crushes the rocks to bits.
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But if you two actually have stuff in common, moving from crush to friendship is pretty seamless and may lead to an all-around amazing relationship.
NOVEMBER Don't expect that crush to turn too-too serious, at least not for now.
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