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widow's cruse

A supply source that seems as if it is or should be meager or limited but ends up being or seeming limitless. Despite claims that the company needed to scale back pay for all its employees, the CEO's salary seems to be drawn from a widow's cruse, as it has only ever gone up in recent years. Education is the only true widow's cruse. The benefits gleaned by children and adults at any level of education is many times what must be put into the system.
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a widow's cruse

an apparently small supply that proves inexhaustible.
In the Bible, 1 Kings 17 tells the story of the widow to whom Elijah was sent for sustenance. When he asked her for bread, she replied that all she had for herself and her son was ‘an handful of meal in a barrel and a little oil in a cruse’ (a cruse was a small earthenware pot or jar). Elijah told her to make him a cake from these ingredients and then to make food for herself and her son as God had decreed that the containers should be continually replenished.
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