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At one point in Homefree, JJ and Breezy meet up with some tent-building Ashland "travelers," who typify the town's crunchier ethos and who are more likely to see their situation as a defiant lifestyle choice than an economic hardship.
I especially liked the onion rings I thought they were crunchier than most onion rings I've tried and they didn't lose their texture even after sitting on the table for a while.
To make things even crunchier, Christmas Cookie offers special power-ups when big matches are made.
The key to cooking a great roast tattie is temperature: the faster you cook, the better, the crispier, the crunchier the finish.
"We worked with a hip-hop producer, Inflo, so people can expect the productions a bit crunchier and a bit deeper."
For example, a FOODesign batch-pro[R] 12 system allows batch-by-batch cooking of thicker potato slices for higher-quality, crunchier chips.
For a crunchier topping add some museli or oats to the crumble toppping.
The abundance of sesame made the crispy golden fried fillet an even crunchier delight.
Since the topping of the crisp is everyone's favorite part of the dessert, I add oatmeal and pecans to the classic butter-flour-sugar blend to make it even crunchier and more substantial.
To reduce cooking times, cover the pot to retain heat and avoid evaporation; place vegetables in already boiling water, and learn to enjoy vegetables with a crunchier texture.
For example, cooked black quinoa is denser and crunchier in texture than white quinoa, and the seeds do not clump together as easily.
More than half of the panelists said they preferred the IR fries' crunchier texture.
Mr Blue Sky finds ELO's biggest hits given a sharper focus, with a more confident vocal, crunchier guitar and more tightly compressed sound.
Today, I want to share with you a recipe inspired by the way we Egyptians fry fish, sealed in a garlicky cumin crust, made crunchier with the cornstarch I learned to use in Malaysia and lifted with the heat of ginger and mustard, my flavors of India.
"Panko, Japanese style breadcrumbs, available in supermarkets and delis, have a flakier consistency and the end result is crispier and crunchier."