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crumped out

1. slang Drunk. Do you remember last night at the pub at all? You were crumped out!
2. slang Dead. Janie hasn't noticed yet, but her fish is definitely crumped out.
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crumped out

Sl. intoxicated. She was too crumped out to drive herself home. Are you crumped out again?
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crumped (out)

1. mod. alcohol intoxicated. She was too crumped out to drive herself home.
2. mod. dead. Our old dog crumped out at age fourteen.
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We want to expand the concept of early voting," Crump said, adding that "Souls to the polls" efforts on Sunday voting "is extremely effective in many black churches around America.
In the area of civil rights, Crump said the NBA will help draft legislative proposals for law-enforcement officers to wear body cameras, in addition to using dash-cam videos, so that the search for truth is fair to both the person being apprehended and the officer.
We think with the advent of technology, it is fundamental that we use this technology to help better guarantee justice takes place in situations that call for due process," Crump said.
Crump represented the family of Tamir Rice, killed by Cleveland police officers in 2014, after the 12-year-old boy's air gun was mistaken for a real weapon.
And Crump represented the family of Michael Brown, an unarmed black 18-yearold killed a year ago by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, that triggered protests and marches across the country.
Crump said the body camera law in Ferguson is called "the Michael Brown Law, which stands for the proposition that every police officer should wear a body camera so we won't have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars and months and months to try to find out what happened, and it's still clouded in innuendo.
Body cameras, Crump said, "protect the police if they didn't do anything wrong.
As president of the NBA, Crump will join attorney Fred D.
That event will be the NBA partnering with the City of Montgomery to honor and remember the courage of one lady that kicked off the Civil Rights Act and all of the civil rights legislation to protect the civil liberties of Americans," Crump said.
On the first weekend in April, Crump said he looks forward to the Gertrude Rush Conference in Ft.
Asked why he wants to be NBA president, Crump said, "I felt I had an obligation to give back to the NBA.
The dynamic legal duo first met in 1990, when Parks was at Florida A&M University, serving as a justice on the FAMU Student Supreme Court and student body president, and Crump was a few blocks away at Florida State University, serving as president of the Black Student Union.
In 1996, a year after graduating from FSU College of Law, Parks and Crump started their own law firm in Tallahassee.
Noting Parks' own trajectory from Haines City orange picker to successful lawyer, Crump asks: "What are the chances of two project kids getting out and owning their own law firm?