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barmy on the crumpet

Eccentric or weird. In this phrase, a "crumpet" (a muffinlike pastry) is synonymous with one's head, and "barmy" means "yeasty." What do you think of John's strange behavior lately? I'm starting to wonder if he's a bit barmy on the crumpet.
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the thinking man's/women's crumpet

One who is considered both intelligent and attractive, and is therefore sexually desirable. It's clear that she's trying to present herself as the thinking man's crumpet, always carrying around those books.
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Bakery manager Rob Glover added: "The perfect crumpet delivers a nice crunch on the outside, nice and toasted, but you still want the middle nice and soft.
The family firm, boosted by a PS25million ad campaign fronted by Hollywood legends Sylvester Stallone and The Muppets, flogged PS695million of loaves, cakes and crumpets.
Alan Thomas, 49, said they regularly gave the portly pooches treats including crumpets, pasta, and biscuits.
The Asda bakery department has caught the festive bug with crumpets in the shape of Christmas trees and snowmen, costing PS1 for six.
Tea giant Tetley is also showing interest in the Classic Crumpet under its Tea Folk brand, which is sold in all the major supermarkets throughout the country.
In true Mary Berry style: "" crumpet should be a spongy, fried little disc with holes laced through it.
Crumpet is, like Peppercorn, a terraced cottage built of Cotswold stone and with exposed beams and brick inside.
Tea-n-Crumpets has been wholesaling crumpets and their accompanying spreads to grocery stores, natural foods, and specialty stores throughout California and the Mid-Atlantic states as well as various cafes, tearooms and B&B's.
David Costa, the production supervisor on the crumpet line, added: "I was really thrilled to win the Great Taste Award becauseA there's a lot of effort every day for the guys to keep a good product right through the production so it's really rewarding for us to win such a prestigious award.
There is nothing quite like a hot toasted crumpet to help get you through the chilly weather so put the toaster on, snuggle up and enjoy.
The base of the crumpet should now be golden brown in colour.
Spread each crumpet with 1 tsp of pesto sauce, then arrange, the tomato slices on top.
So, it's farewell Sue Lawley, bastion of Desert Island Discs for the last 18 years, subject of discussion about misheard song lyrics (So Lonely by The Police was often mistaken for Sue Lawley) and, if she'll forgive us for saying so, thinking man's crumpet.
HERE'S the perfect girl for any right-thinking bloke who likes rum with his crumpet.