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crumped out

1. slang Drunk. Do you remember last night at the pub at all? You were crumped out!
2. slang Dead. Janie hasn't noticed yet, but her fish is definitely crumped out.
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crumped out

Sl. intoxicated. She was too crumped out to drive herself home. Are you crumped out again?
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crumped (out)

1. mod. alcohol intoxicated. She was too crumped out to drive herself home.
2. mod. dead. Our old dog crumped out at age fourteen.
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Crump, who admitted to strangling the woman, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.
We have a rich legacy, as it relates to speaking out and representing the interests of the communities we serve: voters' rights, public accommodations, and equal access to the courts," Crump said.
Crump s technology-driven insurance distribution solutions are among the insurance brokerage industry s most advanced, including Internet-based capabilities and a leading edge administration system to support all aspects of processing with multiple insurance companies.
Crump demonstrates a deep knowledge of the symphonies in his analyses and proves to be a persuasive advocate for these scores.
ON TOP: Chris Holder flanked by Jason Crump (left) and Jarek Hampel (right) on the podium and (inset) Holder punches the air as he takes the chequered flag just ahead of reigning World Champion Crump.
Holder praised the hard-charging Crump for not resorting to heavy-handed tactics in the final, saying: "He raced clean and didn't stick his shoulder in.
Holder rode around him and a disbelieving Hampel, who had the favoured inside gate, left the door open for Crump to cut inside and sneak into runner-up spot.
Australian Crump, the son of Newport speedway legend Phil, won all seven of his races to be crowned Cardiff champion for the second season in succession.
Crump, a private practice rheumatologist in Louisville, Ky.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-15 October 2008-Verizon Business appoints Blair Crump as Group President Worldwide Sales(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
It was the fifth time this year he has reached the final without going on to win but Crump, after such a slow start to the season, is gaining fast.
JASON CRUMP looks each-way value at 8-1 with Boylesports for the Swedish Grand Prix, which takes place at Ullevi tonight.
Former world champion Jason Crump secured the win for the Aces as he got the better of Niels-Kristian Iversen in heat 15, with the evergreen Joe Screen providing insurance for the home side, who had entered the race three points ahead.
Scott Crump has been appointed director of Research & Development for gel coats, colorants and putties.