crumb bum

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crumb bum

1. noun Someone viewed with disdain, often a bum or tramp. When we lost all of our money in the stock market crash, we were really worried that we'd end up being crumb bums.
2. adjective Of poor quality. Darn it, my crumb bum suitcase fell apart as I was trying to pack it.
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and crumbbum (ˈkrəmbəm)
1. n. a repellent person; a bum or hobo. (A crumb(y) bum. See note at crumb. The hobo may be infected with lice.) A skid row crumbum asked us for a buck.
2. mod. inferior; lousy. I sent the crumbum food back to the kitchen. There was a bug in it.
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climb high enough, the crumb bums may follow the June bugs and
And even if you do put that humble little postscript on your invitations, you are still going to get a few crumb bums who thrust castoffs from their own storage lockers into your hands and say, "I know you said no gifts, but I just couldn't resist."
You will find this out the hard way if you get broadsided by one of these crumb bums.