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crum up

slang To ruin something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "crum" and "up." You crummed up this report so much that I can't even fix it!
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crumb bum

1. noun Someone viewed with disdain, often a bum or tramp. When we lost all of our money in the stock market crash, we were really worried that we'd end up being crumb bums.
2. adjective Of poor quality. Darn it, my crumb bum suitcase fell apart as I was trying to pack it.
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crumb down (something)

To wipe down something, especially a table, in order to clear away crumbs of food. Please be sure to crumb down the tables as soon as the guests leave.
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slang A young child. I babysat four crumb-crunchers today, and boy, did they tire me out!


slang A young child. I babysat four crumb-crushers today, and boy, did they tire me out!

crumbs from (one's) table

An insufficient or unfair amount of something provided by one when one has a sufficient or abundant amount. I know he can afford to pay me more, so I refuse to accept crumbs from his table.
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crumbs from the rich man's table

An insufficient or unfair amount of something provided by one who has an abundance. I know he can afford to pay me more, so I refuse to accept crumbs from the rich man's table
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you crumb

An interjection said to a repulsive or irritating person. Oh, you crumb! How could you leave the house this filthy? I can't believe you tried to run the bill up on us, you crumb!
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crum something up

 and crumb something up
Sl. to mess something up. Who crummed the bird feeder up? Now don't crum up this deal. Who crumbed up my room?
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crumbs from someone's (or a rich man's) table

an unfair and inadequate or unsatisfactory share of something.
Luke 16:21 describes the beggar Lazarus as ‘desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man's table’.
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crum something up

and crumb something up
tv. to mess something up; to louse something up. (See comments at crumb.) Now, don’t crum up this deal.
See also: crum, something, up

crumb something up

See also: crumb, something, up


n. a repellent person. (From an old slang word for a body louse. Most of the crum(b) entries refer to lice or lousy.) The old man was a real crumb and tried to cheat us.


and crumb-crusher
n. a child. How many crumb-crunchers do you have at home.


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