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crum up

slang To ruin something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "crum" and "up." You crummed up this report so much that I can't even fix it!
See also: crum, up

crum something up

 and crumb something up
Sl. to mess something up. Who crummed the bird feeder up? Now don't crum up this deal. Who crumbed up my room?
See also: crum, up

crum something up

and crumb something up
tv. to mess something up; to louse something up. (See comments at crumb.) Now, don’t crum up this deal.
See also: crum, something, up
References in classic literature ?
Crum, attached as "Writers" to the honorable profession of the Law.
Crum was the older lawyer of the two, and the harder lawyer of the two; but he, too, felt the influence which the charm that there was in this woman exercised, more or less, over every man who came in contact with her.
Crum did, what he had never done yet in all his experience as a lawyer.
Crum opened his eyes--considered--and put another question as delicately as he could.
Crum offered a suggestion under the form of an inquiry:
Crum considered a little longer, and then delivered his word of advice:
Crum asked if a day had been fixed for the gentleman's marriage.
Crum had no wife; but he possessed a housekeeper--and he offered to send for her.
Policies in this program will be underwritten by Crum & Forster Specialty Insurance Company, a subsidiary of United States Fire Insurance Company.
As ACTE President, I had the opportunity to represent my peers to industry media and government, to initiate legislation that protects all business travelers, and to be a part of a dynamic team which has greatly influenced how companies do business," stated Richard Crum, ACTE President.
June 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Crum & Forster ("C&F") announced that Anthony R.
And now, after 30 years at University of Louisville, Denny Crum is going to call it a career.
Crum, then at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, found a way to make a single bubble that alternately grew, then caved in, giving off a flash of light with each collapse.
HOUSTON -- Fairmont Specialty, part of the Crum & Forster insurance group, today announced the formation of the Fairmont Specialty Transportation Division.