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cruise around in (something)

To travel in a particular vehicle, often casually or aimlessly. When I was a teenager, my friends and I would just cruise around in my car on a Friday night and listen to music.
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cruising for a bruising

slang Acting in a way that is likely to result in punishment or harm. Oh, you're cruising for a bruising talking to me like that!
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cruise around in something

to drive or ride around in something. Would you like to cruise around in a car like that? They really liked cruising around in the motorboat.
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cruising for a bruising

 and cruisin' for a bruisin'
Sl. asking for trouble. You are cruising for a bruising, you know that? Who's cruisin' for a bruisin'?
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cruising for a bruising

heading or looking for trouble. informal, chiefly North American
1998 Times The problem…is the unrealistic value of the Hong Kong dollar…it has been cruising for a bruising for most of last year.
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cruise by

1. To pass quickly, as of a moving object or an interval of time: The vacation cruised by, and when I returned to work, it seemed as though I had never left.
2. To pass someone or something quickly and easily: The second-place car cruised by the leader on the final lap.
3. To visit briefly, often unexpectedly: My friend cruised by for a cup of coffee. I cruised by the office to pick up my briefcase.
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cruise through

1. To move rapidly through something or some place: The motorcycle cruised through the tunnel.
2. To accomplish or proceed with something swiftly or energetically: We cruised through the project and went home early.
3. To read something quickly and easily: I cruised through the chapter because I was already familiar with the subject.
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1. in. to travel at top speed. This old caddy can really cruise.
2. in. to drive around looking for friends or social activity. We went out cruising but didn’t see anybody.
3. tv. to pursue a member of the opposite sex. Tom was cruising Tiffany, but she got rid of him.
4. in. to move on; to leave. Time to cruise. Monty Python’s on in ten minutes.
5. in. to move through life at a comfortable pace. I’m cruising just the way I want now.
6. tv. to pass a course easily. I’m gonna cruise that math course.

cruising for a bruising

and cruisin’ for a bruisin’
in. asking for trouble. You are cruising for a bruising, you know that?
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time to cruise

n. Time to leave. Time to cruise. We’re gone.
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Seabourn Cruise Line's 200-passenger Legend (formerly the Queen Odyssey) has scheduled nine 14-day East Coast departures through Oct.
Norovirus -- which refers to a group of viruses that can cause stomach distress, usually manifested in vomiting and diarrhea -- is just as common on land as on cruise ships, the CDC reports, but the close quarters can cause it to spread rapidly, and the capsule environment of a ship results in a more glaring public focus.
A year ago, one cruise line opened for business and decided to really do its own thing.
In 2004, Romance Voyages launched as a luxurious all-gay small cruises company; using intimate boats in exotic locales like the Yangtze River and the Galapagos Islands.
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In deciding whether a gay cruise is right for you, think of it this way: The ship is essentially a port-to-port cocktail hour, and however you fare at a typical gay soiree is likely to predict your experience onboard.
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after considerable success running cruises on the Mississippi and other eastern rivers, last year began offering seven-night trips up the Columbia - and two of its tributaries, the Willamette and Snake rivers.
It looks like cruises are going to be the most popular (of all the so-called millennium travel options),'' said Mary Papenfuss, managing editor of the Consumer Reports Travel Letter.