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goodbye, cruel world

cliché An exclamation, note, or statement made immediately prior to one's death, especially by suicide. We felt as though we never had closure after Tom committed suicide. We never even knew he was contemplating taking his own life, and his note merely said "Goodbye, cruel world." The gunslinger lay on the ground, bleeding into the dust. "Goodbye, cruel world," he gasped with his last breath. And with that, he perished.
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you have to be cruel to be kind

You must be blunt and honest with someone in order to help them realize something that may help them; it is sometimes necessary to hurt someone's feelings in order to tell them the truth. I'm not going to sit here and tell Judith that she's a shoo-in when she's clearly not ready for her audition. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.
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you have to be cruel to be kind

When people say you have to be cruel to be kind, they mean that sometimes if you are unkind to someone it will be the best thing for them. `I have to be cruel to be kind,' said Lindsay. `If I don't control his food, he will eat himself to death.'
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be cruel to be kind

act towards someone in a way which seems harsh but will ultimately be of benefit.
In Shakespeare 's Hamlet, ‘I must be cruel only to be kind’ was Hamlet's explanation of his reasons for bullying his mother about her second marriage.
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be ˌcruel to be ˈkind

use unpleasant methods because they are necessary to help somebody: I was worried about Katie getting too involved with Steve so I eventually told her about his drug addiction — you’ve got to be cruel to be kind sometimes. OPPOSITE: kill somebody with kindness
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References in classic literature ?
They lived on from day to day with their thoughts still apart, Lydgate going about what work he had in a mood of despair, and Rosamond feeling, with some justification, that he was behaving cruelly.
Only it seems to me that life would be a cruelly selfish thing if we who are so much more fortunate than many of our fellow creatures did not sometimes try to help them a little through their misery.
To say that such a wife as this could be first cruelly neglected, and then barbarously murdered, by the man--no
A man of a meaner and harder nature would have felt suspicions of his wife's motives when she asked him to buy poison--would have seen through the wretchedly commonplace excuses she made for wanting it--and would have wisely and cruelly said, 'No.
I beg, Mr Allworthy," answered Sophia, "you will not insist on my reasons;--yes, I have suffered indeed; I will not, Mr Allworthy, conceal I will be very sincere with you--I own I had a great opinion of Mr Jones--I believe--I know I have suffered for my opinion--I have been treated cruelly by my aunt, as well as by my father; but that is now past--I beg I may not be farther pressed; for, whatever hath been, my resolution is now fixed.
We took turn about to lie on the naked rock, which was indeed like the position of that saint that was martyred on a gridiron; and it ran in my mind how strange it was, that in the same climate and at only a few days' distance, I should have suffered so cruelly, first from cold upon my island and now from heat upon this rock.
I have had so many griefs and wrongs, Joseph Sedley; I have been made to suffer so cruelly that I am almost made mad sometimes.
Emmy, he remembered, was at one time cruelly and deservedly jealous of Rebecca, never mentioned her name but with a shrinking and terror--a jealous woman never forgives, thought Dobbin: and so the pair went across the street to Mrs.
The 23 year old had received two The 23 year old had received two televised knocks to her singing career televised knocks to her singing career when she failed to make the final of when she failed to make the final of Eurovision search Your Country Needs Eurovision search Your Country Needs You in 2010 and then w as cruelly axed You in 2010 and then w as cruelly axed during X Factor's cuthroat six chair during X Factor's cuthroat six chair challenge three years later.
Is it really impossible for Jewish people who suered so cruelly themselves - more cruelly perhaps than any other people in history - to understand the vulnerability and the yearning of those they have displaced?
THIS cute rabbit was cruelly abandoned in a box on a doorstep.
Priest Fr Robert Brophy said that, the "shattering accident" of Sunday morning had robbed them "so cruelly of their two precious children".
The jaw-dropping Channel 4 documentary My Monkey Baby followed some of these mad people, who cruelly wrench these animals away from their mothers and treat them like human babies.
Kate said: "Madeleine is one of many children cruelly taken from their families.