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goodbye, cruel world

cliché An exclamation, note, or statement made immediately prior to one's death, especially by suicide. We felt as though we never had closure after Tom committed suicide. We never even knew he was contemplating taking his own life, and his note merely said "Goodbye, cruel world." The gunslinger lay on the ground, bleeding into the dust. "Goodbye, cruel world," he gasped with his last breath. And with that, he perished.
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you have to be cruel to be kind

You must be blunt and honest with someone in order to help them realize something that may help them; it is sometimes necessary to hurt someone's feelings in order to tell them the truth. I'm not going to sit here and tell Judith that she's a shoo-in when she's clearly not ready for her audition. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.
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you have to be cruel to be kind

When people say you have to be cruel to be kind, they mean that sometimes if you are unkind to someone it will be the best thing for them. `I have to be cruel to be kind,' said Lindsay. `If I don't control his food, he will eat himself to death.'
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be cruel to be kind

act towards someone in a way which seems harsh but will ultimately be of benefit.
In Shakespeare 's Hamlet, ‘I must be cruel only to be kind’ was Hamlet's explanation of his reasons for bullying his mother about her second marriage.
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be ˌcruel to be ˈkind

use unpleasant methods because they are necessary to help somebody: I was worried about Katie getting too involved with Steve so I eventually told her about his drug addiction — you’ve got to be cruel to be kind sometimes. OPPOSITE: kill somebody with kindness
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Based on the true story of the 1915 slaying of Jasper Jacob "Jap" Francis near the Ozark railroad town of Stoutland, Missouri, Murder on Rouse Hill is a dramatic tale of greed, fraud, political clout, and death-dealing of the cruelest kind.
APRIL certainly proved to be the cruelest month seven years ago.
WORCESTER -- Though April is the cruelest month, according to the first lines of T.
The kidnapping of Mustafa Salma is a new proof that confirms the nature of the polisario which is the toughest and cruelest dictatorship in Africa", Puyol Garcia told MAP.
After reading The Cruelest Miles, the articles on the sports pages about the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, which commemorates this mission, will take on a whole new meaning.
THE WEB SITE for the Massachusetts State Auditor's Office proudly displays the motto, "The Cruelest Tax of All Is Waste.
Yury and Lara are reunited on the battlefields of World War I - ``What a perfect couple you make,'' a character standing in for the audience tells them - but are soon separated again, only to reunite, yet again, during the cruelest moments of the Bolshevik uprising, when they finally start building their own little hill of beans.
THE Plaid MP who blew the whistle on the Mittal "steelgate" affair accused Tony Blair of "the cruelest betrayal" of Labour principles.
April is the cruelest month, breeding/Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing/Memory and desire, stirring/Dull roots with spring rain," wrote T.
After the November we had, April might not be the cruelest month.
Failing to differentiate among employees -- and holding on to bottom-tier performers -- is actually the cruelest form of management there is.
on the cruelest - and best - opening day in sports.
His subject is the atrocities committed during "our longest and cruelest war"--the hostilities between white settlers and Amerindian natives--from the establishment of Virginia in 1622 to the Wounded Knee massacre of 1890.
They welcome workers who have no choice but to do "stoop labor," picking grapes or strawberries, or other produce for a pittance under the cruelest of conditions.
Walter Schubert said that ALS is the cruelest disease he has ever encountered saying, "This is particularly true of the later stages of disease when patients suffer progressively from respiratory insufficiency.