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Foul, disgusting, or unappealing. Aw man, my cleats are all cruddy from playing that last game in the mud.
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and crudy and cruddie (ˈkrədi)
mod. nasty; awful. What is this cruddy stuff on my plate?


See cruddy
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The winners of this latest horror show will also, no doubt, be invited onto more cruddy reality programmes.
(Unlike soggy crisps, crushed nuts, cruddy carpet and unconscious punters - which are all exceedingly thick on the ground.) But what about that little lady serving behind the bar?
It is for no other reason that you see a plethora of cruddy motors from that part of the world featured in Marques of Sorrow.
On a technical level, Darger's did amazing things pushing the cruddy quality of kiddie watercolor to dazzling heights.
In dangerous and downright cruddy conditions, the personable Palestinians share stories, lodgings and camaraderie with the young Israeli filmmaker, whose handheld camera follows them everywhere.
The models are getting better, but superimpose the ADDS icing forecasts over actual PIREPS on some cruddy winter day and you'll see they're far from perfect.
It scrapes as it spins, leaving the cruddy amalgam, which in turn is flash-fried by the burning primer and black or smokeless powder.
Is there a word to describe those of us who object to this cruddy culture of buzz-words?
l Cruddy ll S'no goodlll OK for apres-ski llll Olympic standard lllll Piste de resistance
Having flown the system on a cruddy day, I can say I'd be mighty glad to have one if I ever lost my engine while IMC or at night.
You're right there in the cruddy apartment that is both haven and pressure cooker for Lincoln and his younger brother, Booth.
But this was pay back time for Saturday Superstore and all those cruddy Cliff Richard impersonations.
Ours no longer do, unless they get so cruddy that lower life forms are beginning to evolve inside the mechanism.
There's a lot of bulk there, but it doesn't weave or waggle and where an out-and-out sportsbike might jiggle as it careers round cruddy country roads the YFR settles down.
Days Like These also features cruddy songs, bad hair and embarrassing clothes.