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creeping crud

An unknown or unidentified illness, often a rash. I think you better get that creeping crud checked out by a doctor—it's not looking so good.
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1. An interjection or exclamation of displeasure. Aw crud, I forgot my wallet—I guess I better turn around and go back for it.
2. Any substance that one deems foul or disgusting. We need a more powerful cleaner to get rid of this crud in the bathtub.
3. One who is viewed with disdain. That guy's a real crud—don't even talk to him.
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1. n. any unidentified disease. There is some kind of creeping-crud between my toes.
2. n. a repellent person. Willy has become such a creeping-crud since he inherited all that money.
3. n. any nasty, slimy substance. That’s not creeping-crud! That’s pecan pie!


1. n. any nasty substance. (An old form of the word curd.) There’s some crud on your left shoe.
2. n. junk; stuff; personal possessions. Get your crud outa my way, will you!
3. n. a repellent person. (Rude and derogatory.) Don’t be such a crud!
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Third, the Entity Relationship model can feed the CRUD matrix, explained later, for a technical scoping and increment management tool.
Using the new Fusion or the old Winchester Triple Seven primer with newer, better propellants will likely result in tighter groups, less fouling and the near elimination of that troublesome crud ring, though I still swab between shots at the range.
A pumped up, sucked in, little piece of crud." He also accused Jodie of playing the sympathy card, and said: "Jodie has to stop crying, she can't cry for 21 days.
Under these conditions, the O-ring has also provided CRUD. Both types of O-ring-generated contamination can be avoided by prebaking them under vacuum before installation.
And by the time the tritium production stops, the palladium or titanium surface lies buried under a layer of crud. "So until we get this more reproducibly, you won't have a good idea of what's going on," says Storms.
Fly-casting tuition in will be given by qualified instructors at Llyn Crud y Gwynt, a two-acre trout lake run by Rhyl & St Asaph Angling Association at Prion, LL16 4SE.
The Web site of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, said today " crud oil has been pumped from Taq Taq field" Taq which has been activated by Genel Energy and trucked across the border with Turkey, to be sale by shipping auction of during current April.
I returned my first one thinking it was crud. Rockier assured me it was part of the composition.
With these little derringers carried in pockets, they gathered up all kinds of dirt and crud, which the bullet then transferred to the wound.
If the struts are left unchecked, dirt and crud build up and can get into the seals.
Eirlys Jones, 50, of Crud Y Castell, was left with serious head injuries and a wound on her hand after the vicious assault.
WHEN IN ROME Cert PG, 90mins Flung into US cinemas way back in January, this dollop of crud now washes up on our shores, presumably aimed at women whose blokes are glued to the World Cup.
The CD-ROM contains material on using Mongrel in Ruby applications, employing Rails plugins, mastering Rails routing, using CRUD and REST in rails applications, and understanding how Ruby's style informs effective Ruby design.