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Treatment Objectives: The objectives in this case were to resolve the maxillary crowding with interproximal reduction.
The findings not only debunk myths and assumptions regarding tolerance of crowding among ethnic groups but also have implications for urban planning.
And he said the crowding has worsened largely because of a new state law requiring that dogs be held longer and treated for injuries before they are put up for adoption.
As for its charge that the March order is wasteful, the MTA motion says Bliss wants 59 buses plus 11 spares added to the fleet on the basis of one single instance in nine months when the agency was in violation of the crowding limit allowed under the consent decree.
What this shows is systemic overcrowding on line after line,'' said Ted Robertson, a Bus Riders Union organizer who oversees the group's effort to track bus crowding.
On those 20 lines, the crowding limit is exceeded on 85 percent of the rush-hour buses, Robertson said.
To put enough buses on the street to ensure the agency never exceeded the crowding standards would be impossibly expensive and wasteful of the agency's limited resources, Lipsky and Woodbury said.
Studio apartments saw huge increases in crowding, with a 365 percent increase of units with three or more occupants between 2005 and 2013.
Wages not keeping up with rent increases is one of the possible reasons why crowding has increased so sharply, with real household incomes increasing by 2.
Admission to the hospital from the ER on days with prolonged ambulance diversion (a median of 7 hours) - or high emergency department crowding - was associated with 5 percent increased odds of dying in the hospital compared to admissions on days with low ambulance diversion (a median of 0 hours).
Patients who were admitted on days with high emergency department crowding had 0.
Two weeks later, Winerip's column focused on crowding caused by NCLB at Booker T.
The same column lamented the crowding at Middle School 141 in the Bronx, which grew by 73 students that year.
While no single factor stands out as the reason why crowding occurs, GAO found the factor most commonly associated with crowding was the inability to transfer emergency patients to inpatient beds once a decision had been made to admit them as hospital patients rather than to treat and release them.