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Dental crowding has been shown by some studies as being prevalent in as much as 57% of the population.
7 Research into the relationship between crowding and cephalometric measurements has been sparse.
The maxillary and mandibular crowding was resolved; positive overjet and overbite were achieved.
The findings not only debunk myths and assumptions regarding tolerance of crowding among ethnic groups but also have implications for urban planning.
Dental crowding can be defined as a discrepancy between tooth size and arch size that results in maloc- clusion.
Thus the objective of the study is to determine the cause of crowding in Class I malocclusion in both genders by measuring and comparing mesio-distal width of teeth in crowded and non-crowded arches and comparing arch widths in crowded and non-crowded arches.
Key words: Maxillary to Mandibular plane angle, Lower Facial Height, Lower Incisor Crowding
An Orthodontist comes across a variety of chief complaints over the course of his/her career, amongst the most common of which is that of dental crowding.
2 Dental crowding is defined as a disparity in the relationship between tooth size and jaw size that an average 1.
This slight crowding has been reported to be dental crowding is one of the most frequent types of malocclusion in children; and the chief complaint of many parents.
Hamid and Rahbar5 found significant relationship between arch dimensions and crowding rather than to tooth size in a Pakistani sample.
Sex differences in crowding have also been reported by LaVelle and Foster10, Fastlicht11 and Foster and associates12 all found more dental crowding in females than in males.
The MTA's new motion asks Bliss to rescind the portions of his order requiring the 532 buses and the lease of 277 buses as soon as possible to reduce crowding immediately.
As for its charge that the March order is wasteful, the MTA motion says Bliss wants 59 buses plus 11 spares added to the fleet on the basis of one single instance in nine months when the agency was in violation of the crowding limit allowed under the consent decree.
By 2002, the crowding will have to drop to an average of only nine standing.