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The only change that Celtics coach Brad Stevens made to his starting lineup in the playoff series was inserting Crowder in place of rookie Marcus Smart in Game 4.
But Crowder never saw any fighting while in Texas, and instead spent his time scouting the Rio Grande frontier for cattle thieves and supervising troopers engaged in target practice and routine marches.
All of this before Crowder produced his fairytale matchwinner.
When fellow Fox News contributor Pat Caddell responded, "Let's stay with the real problem," Crowder replied, "That is the real problem.
That report does absolutely nothing to get the information out to the general public," says Crowder.
In an interview with MEP Middle East, Crowder said that the year just past had 'exceeded expectations' due to the success Atkins had over the year with projects such as Etihad Rail and Jeddah Airports.
Crowder, of May Place, was jailed for four years and 10 months, while his sidekick Murray Christie 31, of Bute Drive, also Perth, got 30 months.
Rejecting concerns that Crowder may flee, he said she had lived in the area for nine years and has two daughters living nearby.
That's nothing new for the group, which formed out of what Crowder saw as necessity.
Then: Jack Crowder started plowing snow in the 1962s to supplement his seasonal carpentry income
Filing their papers against NBC Universal executives, Greg Crowder and Tony Freitas claimed that Scott Bernstein had rejected their script titled 'The Truth' when he was Vice President of Production for Universal Pictures in 2006.
Earlier this year, Crowder, president and CEO of GuildMaster, the accent furniture and decorative accessories resources, set out on a cross-country odyssey to meet the company's retail customers, find out how business was and generally get the lay of the land.
At the time, he was working for Lee Crowder, a law firm that went on to become part of Cobbetts.
In her article, Making Evidence Meaningful, which appeared in the May 2009 issue of ISBA's Civil Practice and Procedure Section newsletter, judge Barbara Crowder of Illinois's Third Judicial Circuit supplies lawyers with some helpful suggestions for presenting evidence so both juries and judges can better understand its significance.