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crowd (someone or something) out of (something)

To push someone or something out of a certain thing or area. The cat crowded the dog out of his bed and curled up for a nap.
See also: crowd, of, out

crowd around (someone or something)

To gather around someone or something. The kids all crowded around the teacher for story time. Good luck getting any food with so many people crowding around the buffet!
See also: around, crowd

crowd in

1. To gather closely around someone or something. In this usage, "crowd in" can be followed by "on" and then a particular person or thing. When the teacher announced story time, the kids all crowded in. I hate when people crowd in on a buffet as soon as its served.
2. To fill a space with more than it can reasonably hold or accommodate. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "crowd" and "in," and "into" can be used instead of "in." We can't crowd anyone else in, unless we move the lecture to the auditorium.
3. To push one's way into a certain place or area. In this usage, "into" can be used instead of "in." We tried to crowd into the lecture hall, but the professor told us it was filled to capacity.
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crowd through

To push or force one's way through a certain thing or area. A noun or pronoun can be used after "through." As soon as the store opened its doors, the people waiting in line began to crowd through.
See also: crowd, through

crowd together

1. To be physically close together. We were so cold while waiting in line that we crowded together for warmth.
2. To position things physically close together. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "crowd" and "together." I tried crowding all of my clothes together to make room for my jacket, but it still wouldn't fit in the suitcase.
See also: crowd, together

crowd with (someone or something)

To fill something with more than it can reasonably hold or accommodate. A noun or pronoun can be used between "crowd" and "with." Because this room is totally crowded with people, we're moving everyone into the auditorium. I had crowded my suitcase with so much stuff that I couldn't get it closed.
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crowd in (on someone or something)

to press or crush around someone or something. Please don't crowd in on the guest of honor. Can you keep them back from me? I don't like it when they crowd in. The people crowded in on us and frightened us a little bit. Don't crowd in on the display case. It is an antique.
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crowd someone or something in(to) something

 and crowd someone or something in
to push or squeeze someone or something into a place or a container. They tried to crowd a dozen people into that tiny room. Then they crowded in one more. They all tried to crowd themselves into the same room.
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crowd someone or something together

to push or squeeze people or things together. See if you can crowd them together and get more in the row. I am afraid that I crowded the plants together too much.
See also: crowd, together

crowd through (something)

[for a number of people] to push through something. The little group of revelers crowded through the door. They all tried to crowd through.
See also: crowd, through

crowd together

to pack tightly together. The tenants crowded together in the lobby. All the kittens crowded together to keep warm.
See also: crowd, together
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One in 12dwellings defined as crowded or severely crowded, translates to 272,533 households, or 1,476,746 residents.
The union claims there are more than a dozen lines that remain crowded and out of court compliance, a point the MTA disputes.
That is, they may judge a level of density as less crowded relative to Anglo individuals.
Even if approved, Sanctura XR not likely to make a splash in crowded OAB market
A crowded garden, like the one at the Getty Center in Brentwood, consists of a wide variety of plants from many different botanical families.
While Burger's work shows decreased shorebird feeding at low tide, avian biologists suspect that crowded beaches create other problems at high tide, when beach space shrinks for both people and birds.
There were times when fights were up when schools were less crowded.
color) Often, many dogs are crowded into shelter cages because of lack of space partly caused by a new law animal that is surrounded in controversy.
In the summer, the gorge can be as crowded as any L.
Fed up with crowded buses, dozens of bus-rider advocates climbed aboard buses Tuesday to launch a ``No Seat, No Fare'' campaign they hope will push the MTA to add 1,600 clean-fuel buses to its fleet.
Though the agency has not identified what it considers an acceptable level of failure, Woodbury said, MTA officials believe the current 3 to 5 percent level of extremely crowded buses is not excessive.
As a result, the county is calling in all its available lifeguards to help patrol the crowded strips of surf in the north county area including Malibu and Zuma beaches, and pick up the people floating out to sea.
Hundreds of thousands of people crowded along the London streets watched in relative silence as the hearse made its way slowly between the two palaces.
We're only three hours into it and look, we're full,'' he said, sweeping an arm toward the mezethe, gyro and loukomathes food booths crowded with hungry patrons and the throngs milling around the park.
Since its beginning 10 years ago, Crowded House has regularly received the highest praise from rock critics around the world.