crowd with

crowd with (someone or something)

To fill something with more than it can reasonably hold or accommodate. A noun or pronoun can be used between "crowd" and "with." Because this room is totally crowded with people, we're moving everyone into the auditorium. I had crowded my suitcase with so much stuff that I couldn't get it closed.
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crowd something with someone or something

to pack too many people or things into something. The ushers crowded the room with visitors. Aunt Victoria had crowded the room with the busy trappings of a bygone era.
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The Directorate of Security of the popular crowd said in a statement, that this act came after a meeting of security of the popular crowd with the municipality of Karrada and security forces in order to close the headquarters claimed to belong to the popular crowd.
Therefor e, [2] and [25] methods based on sparse trajectories are inappropriate for analyzing scenes of a crowd with dense trajectories.
Canary and Paul Martin Ross warmed up the crowd with their introductory spiels and small talk.
The band rocked the crowd with hard-cutting lyrics and rough guitar riffs to encapsulate their performance.
Rou grabbed his acoustic guitar and teased the crowd with his own take on Bryan Adams' power ballad Heaven before seducing fans with Gap In The Fence.
Supporting them was local band The Smokin' Barrels, who grabbed their opportunity of playing to an arena crowd with both hands.
Snow also regaled the crowd with tales of Bush as a he-man, insisting that the president engages in power biking at Camp David so intense that members of his staff and the press corps cannot hope to keep up.
Dobson regaled the crowd with a tale of how he stared down a bear that did not want to leave him alone.
First, since the jondo originating the request always forwards the request to a randomly chosen member of the crowd, the end server receives each request from any member of the crowd with equal likelihood.
The game lived up to expectations, both sides providing the large crowd with some entertaining rugby that resulted in 15 tries.
Loeb also equates the concept of crowd with that of community: "The crowd in the advertisement, far from symbolizing urban alienation, represents a community of consumers." (p.
Alikabok 2.0, led by Pinas FM's DJ Bongskie, held the stage and engaged the crowd with lighthearted sounds and antics alluding to current references in popular culture.
The band wowed the spectating crowd with powerful acts and enticing guitar solos.
New single Last Summer, about the importance of friendship, had the crowd clapping in time and Ian, bathed in red light with his band jumping around him, stood steady, gazing into the crowd with earnest appreciation.
Bob Cornuke, a would-be archaeologist who describes himself as a type of Christian Indiana Jones, regaled the crowd with tales of his efforts to find Noah's Ark and the real location of Mt.