crowd in

crowd in

1. To gather closely around someone or something. Often followed by "on" and then a particular person or thing. When the teacher announced story time, the kids all crowded in. I hate when people crowd in on a buffet as soon as it's served. Reporters crowded in on the famous actor as he left the courtroom.
2. To fill a space with more people than it can reasonably hold or accommodate. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "crowd" and "in." We can't crowd in anyone else, unless we move the lecture to the auditorium. They crowded us all in the tiny van instead of paying for a second one.
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crowd someone or something in(to) something

 and crowd someone or something in
to push or squeeze someone or something into a place or a container. They tried to crowd a dozen people into that tiny room. Then they crowded in one more. They all tried to crowd themselves into the same room.
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crowd in (on someone or something)

to press or crush around someone or something. Please don't crowd in on the guest of honor. Can you keep them back from me? I don't like it when they crowd in. The people crowded in on us and frightened us a little bit. Don't crowd in on the display case. It is an antique.
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crowd in(to) some place

 and crowd in
to push or squeeze into some place. Please don't try to crowd into this place. Too many people are trying to crowd in.
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In a speech before a crowd in Sulaymaniya on the 20th Anniversary of Sulaymaniya uprising against the former regime, Talabani pointed out to recent demonstrations and violence that occurred in Sulaymaiya stressing, "Demonstrations and freedom of expression is a right of each and every citizen granted by Iraq's Constitution and the Constitution of Kurdistan region, on condition that it must be peaceful and not to turn into confrontations between demonstrators and police."
Short performances by Kid Rock, Kanye West and Fall Out Boy kept the crowd in the ballroom energized.
Mr Dagger himself, Ed Reategui, carved out ninth with boardslides, sweepers, and a cutting mute blunt that had the crowd in stitches.