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crotch cheese

slang The foul-smelling substance sometimes found in the genital area. This crotch-cheese is really repulsive.
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vulgar slang A penis. Hey, I don't want to see your crotch-cobra—pull up your pants!


A louse, especially of the pubic region. Often used in the plural. Don't sleep with him—he seems like the type of guy you'd catch crotch-monkeys from, gross.


A louse, especially of the pubic region. Often used in the plural. Don't sleep with him—he seems like the type of guy you'd catch crotch-pheasants from, gross.

crotch rocket

slang A motorcycle, often specifically a Japanese sportbike. Some dude on a crotch rocket just shot past me doing about 100. Of course I wouldn't get a crotch rocket like that—I'm a Harley man.
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crotch rot

A fungal infection of the genital area, especially in males, that typically manifests as a rash. I think I need to go to the doctor—this crotch rot isn't getting any better.
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crotch rocketeer

n. a motorcycle driver; one who drives a crotch-rocket. None of these crotch rocketeers is wearing a helmet.
See also: crotch


and cock-cheese
n. smegma; any nasty, smelly substance—real or imagined—that accumulates around the genitals, especially in athletes. (Usually objectionable.) Man, this stuff is vile. It smells like crotch-cheese.


n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) He held his hands over his crotch-cobra and ran for the bedroom.


and crotch-monkey
n. a louse. (Usually in the plural.) He appears to be afflicted with what you might call “crotch-pheasants.” Stop scratching your crotch-monkeys, Zeke.




n. a motorcycle. (For some, only foreign motorcycles are so called.) I can buy a nice car for less than you paid for that crotch-rocket.


n. a skin irritation or disease characterized by itching in the genital area, usually said of males. (see also grunge.) What will get rid of crotch-rot?
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Sunday dawned ultra-cold again, with temps about 8 degrees as O'Sullivan and I, along with North Conway regular Mike Hussey, a Worcester lawyer, hit Wildcat -- which is now part of a unified and affordable season's pass with Attitash and Crotched.
Monday -- Crotched a Women's freestyle clinic, 9 a.
I had visited Crotched pretty regularly over the years but hadn't been back in a while.
Louis-based Peak Resorts, also own three New Hampshire ski areas: Crotched Mountain, Attitash and Wildcat.
Crotched Mountain _ Mon 5:59 am packed powder machine groomed 24-32 base 25 of 25 trails 100% open, 100 acres, 5 of 5 lifts, Mon-Thu: 9a-7p Fri: 9a-9p Sat: 9a-9p Sun: 9a-5p
Featured in the back: Executive Director Dennis Bradley, BCBA, Interim CEO and Senior VP of Crotched Mountain Foundation Michael Redmond, and ABA therapist Victoria Holland.
Peak Resorts, the owner of southern Vermont destination Mount Snow and Crotched Mountain in Bennington, N.
Crotched Mountain is dedicated to serving individuals with disabilities and their families, embracing personal choice and development, and building communities of mutual support.
Friday-Saturday -- Crotched Mountain, Bennington, N.
Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center in Greenfield recently dedicated its campus baseball field to longtime supporter and Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame pitcher, Bill Monbouquette and his wife.
Sunday -- Crotched, Parks Junior Slopestyle competition for skiers and riders 18 and under and 14 and under, 9 a.
She also visited with students at the Crotched Mountain School as well as with patients at the Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital.