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crotch cheese

slang The foul-smelling substance sometimes found in the genital area. This crotch-cheese is really repulsive.
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vulgar slang A penis. Hey, I don't want to see your crotch-cobra—pull up your pants!


A louse, especially of the pubic region. Often used in the plural. Don't sleep with him—he seems like the type of guy you'd catch crotch-monkeys from, gross.


A louse, especially of the pubic region. Often used in the plural. Don't sleep with him—he seems like the type of guy you'd catch crotch-pheasants from, gross.

crotch rocket

slang A motorcycle, often specifically a Japanese sportbike. Some dude on a crotch rocket just shot past me doing about 100. Of course I wouldn't get a crotch rocket like that—I'm a Harley man.
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crotch rot

A fungal infection of the genital area, especially in males, that typically manifests as a rash. I think I need to go to the doctor—this crotch rot isn't getting any better.
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crotch rocketeer

n. a motorcycle driver; one who drives a crotch-rocket. None of these crotch rocketeers is wearing a helmet.
See also: crotch


and cock-cheese
n. smegma; any nasty, smelly substance—real or imagined—that accumulates around the genitals, especially in athletes. (Usually objectionable.) Man, this stuff is vile. It smells like crotch-cheese.


n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) He held his hands over his crotch-cobra and ran for the bedroom.


and crotch-monkey
n. a louse. (Usually in the plural.) He appears to be afflicted with what you might call “crotch-pheasants.” Stop scratching your crotch-monkeys, Zeke.




n. a motorcycle. (For some, only foreign motorcycles are so called.) I can buy a nice car for less than you paid for that crotch-rocket.


n. a skin irritation or disease characterized by itching in the genital area, usually said of males. (see also grunge.) What will get rid of crotch-rot?
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Assess the crotch curve first and make adjustments to lengthen or shorten the front and/or back crotch seam and inseam if the HBLs are drooping down in the center back or center front.
Just below this was the 'beautiful', which Crotch contends is implicit in Reynolds's understanding of the sublime but in fact should be viewed as a separate and somewhat lesser species.
The advantage of the fireman's carry series over the high crotch and single-leg takedowns is that it facilitates the attacker's ability to trap the opponent on his back for the additional points or, quite possibly, a fall.
If there's too much fabric in the seat, shorten the back crotch extension and blend this new point into the inseam along the inner thigh to pull the seat of the pants closer to the body.
The actress was reluctant to take off her underwear at first, but she did so anyway after he assured her that her crotch wouldn't be seen in the shot.
The study also revealed that those UK men are fast catching up with men in the US, where a whopping 73 per cent shave their crotch area.
The harassment allegedly began with inappropriate questions about sex; before long the boss was accused of grabbing the employee's crotch and hopping into bed with him in hotel rooms during business trips the two took together.
The catcher relays the signal to the pitcher by placing the signalling digit in the middle of his crotch, up against the body.
Cyrus' crotch baring outfit, which is now becoming her "signature" outfit, was already a good start to the show telling the audience to get ready for a racy performance once again.
Carol Jean Price, 59, claims a TSA agent grabbed her breasts and crotch during a screening at Southwest Florida International Airport, in response to which, she grabbed a TSA supervisor, allegedly without permission, to show the supervisor what she went through.
Former footballer Robbie Savage sparked particular outrage, after thrusting his crotch at Strictly's "Mr Nasty" Craig Revel Horwood.
A crotch part provided so as to bridge between the front part and the back part, the crotch being utilized for fitting a sanitary napkin, iv.
They are - indecently touching one alleged victim, allegedly touching another woman's leg and moving his hands towards her crotch without consent and twice placing her hand on his crotch.
Reports suggest that some women in the video were found vulgarly leaning against the officer's crotch areas, while the cops waved their arms in the air to loud cheers from a wild crowd, the New York Post reports.
But this time he strategically placed his hands over his crotch to prevent any further embarrassment.