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cross (one) (up)

To defy, challenge, or frustrate one. Don't cross that guy if you want a job in publishing—he's a celebrated editor.
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cross someone

to oppose someone. You best not cross Jim. He has a very bad temper. This is the last time you cross me, you hear?
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The contract continues on from the company's earlier appointment to help the Crossness Engines Trust with its Stage 2 HLF application, where Schal's experts advised the Trust's Board on a range of project management issues including programme, strategic approach and consultant appointments.
Forster's observation on Joyce's Ulysses (1922) that Modernism has been a 'concerted attempt to cover the universe with mud, an inverted Victorianism, an attempt to make crossness and dirt succeed where sweetness and light failed'.
The Royal Insurance bulding on the corner of North John Street and Dale Street Picture: GARETH JONES; Simon Thurley, chief executive of English Heritage, launching the 2007 Buildings at Risk register at Battersea power station; Crossness Works
Crossness Pumping Station, Bexley, south east London - pounds 3 million
As darkness fell last night, Willy was carried down the Thames on the salvage vessel Crossness in an operation that is expected to cost pounds 80,000.
A medical assessment was made before a massive salvage barge, the Crossness, was brought to the scene.
Calm voice, look 'em in the eye and use firm tone of crossness.
None of the candidates Scheffler examined had Dravidian as opposed to Iroquois crossness and neither did they have a consistent pattern of Dravidian prescriptiveness.