cross (one's) fingers

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cross (one's) fingers

To hope that something will happen. The actual gesture, which does not have to accompany the phrase, involves crossing one's middle finger over the index finger as a superstition believed to bring good luck or ward off bad luck. I'm crossing my fingers that I get a bike for my birthday!
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cross your fingers

An imperative to literally cross one's middle finger over the index finger as a superstition believed to bring good luck or ward off bad luck, or to simply wish for good luck or the success of something. OK, I'm going to turn on the machine for the first time. Here goes—cross your fingers, everyone!
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cross one's fingers

Also, keep one's fingers crossed.
1. Wish for luck by crossing two fingers of one hand. For example, I'm crossing my fingers that I get the job, or Keep your fingers crossed that the hurricane goes out to sea. This superstitious statement presumably alludes to the much older practice of making the sign of the cross to ward off evil. [Early 1900s]
2. Tell a white lie that doesn't matter. For example, I told Mom I didn't eat any cookies but I had my fingers crossed. The childish belief that if one keeps one's fingers crossed one may lie with impunity probably comes from children's games in which one was "safe" if one crossed one's fingers, and the ultimate allusion may be the same as in def. 1.
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cross your fingers (or keep your fingers crossed)

hope that your plans will be successful; trust in good luck.
The gesture of putting your index and middle fingers across each other as a sign of hoping for good luck is a scaled-down version of the Christian one of making the sign of the Cross with your whole hand and arm as a request for divine protection. It is also superstitiously employed when telling a deliberate lie, with the idea of warding off the evil that might be expected to befall a liar.
1998 Spectator Since resources were limited … the only hope the clients had was to hang in there, fingers crossed.
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George English, the Diamonds' team manager, said: "Our number one Dane, Kenni Larsen, is currently scouring the airport and airline websites in Denmark for a glimmer of good news in the hope he can fly in before the Sunday meeting with the Monarchs, but it could be touch and go and we'll are all crossing fingers manically that he will make it over.
The whole of today will be spent crossing fingers, toes and owt else going, while every flight of stairs will be run up and every alleyway sprinted down, to try and add a last minute per cent or two to my fitness levels.
Or some will put their heads down for a few winks in the car or private office, crossing fingers they won't get caught.
Most of the data they present comes directly from the manufacturer's, so they recommend crossing fingers.
Whether or not this happens, the people at Dagenham are crossing fingers that the future is diesel, at least in Europe.
Fairmont is doing more than crossing fingers that the Orchid will fare well.
True blue fans Daniel Jennings and Christian Hippolite, both 25, will be crossing fingers in the far-flung American state when their team takes on QPR.