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He rises and faces the finely wrought figures of the Saviour and the malefactors uplifted upon their crosses behind the altar, and bright with a metallic lustre of many colors.
"The regulations are explicit, and if the Coldwater crosses thirty it devolves upon you to place Lieutenant Turck under arrest and immediately exert every endeavor to bring the ship back into Pan-American waters."
Johnson, I intend retaining command of the ship, even though she crosses thirty, and I shall demand implicit obedience from every officer and man aboard until I am properly relieved from duty by a superior officer in the port of New York."
If that woman crosses my threshold, I shall strike her across the face with it.
New season lambs (87) averaged 208.8p (-24.4p) and sold to 214.6p per kg for a pen of 41kg Dorset crosses from Croft 2 & 7, Burnbank and for a pen of 41kg Texel crosses from Docharty Farm, Dingwall and PS93 for a pen of 45.5kg Suffolk crosses from Achnagairn, Kirkhill and for a pen of 45kg Texel crosses from Morayscairn Farm, Alves all selling to Messrs John M Munro Ltd, Dingwall.
Featured were 45 17th- to early 20th-century crosses from the museum collection, as well as from parishes, private collections, and institutions such as Fatima University.
Asda predict a whopping 1.5million hot cross buns - with both types of crosses - will fly off their shelves in Scotland this Easter.
Along the border in Tijuana (tee-WAH-nuh), Mexicans have placed white crosses to honor the migrants who died trying to reach the U.S.
A small round hill with an even smaller one beside it, set between two villages, Jurgeioiai and Domantai, so small they do not appear on a road map, and a small red four-pointed star all by itself signal the whereabouts of the Hill of Crosses, a focal point of peaceful resistance since the Middle Ages for Lithuania's Carholics, who form a large majority of the population of three million.
This was paid for Limousin crosses from E A & D A Ellis, Trevarrack Farm, Lelant, St Ives, Cornwall.
Attorneys with Americans United have asked government officials in Las Cruces, N.M., to remove three crosses from the city seal.
Racist groups have long used burning crosses among their symbols, and to intimidate blacks, Jews, and other minority groups.