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double crosser

A person who has betrayed or swindled friends, allies, colleagues, or associates, or intends to do so. Sometimes hyphenated. I'll make sure that dirty double crosser never works in this town again, if it's the last thing I do.
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n. a person who betrays someone. (Often with dirty. See comments at double cross.) You dirty, lowdown double-crosser, you!
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Left heart treatment company Transseptal Solutions Ltd revealed on Thursday the receipt of the US FDA's 510(k) clearance for the TSP Crosser Transseptal Access System for the precise and efficient access to the left atrium for transcatheter left atrium procedures.
It is an issue when your right-back is your best crosser. If we can get players who know how to cross we will see Mitrovic start to succeed.
Crosser returned to full time football on the training pitch instead of the chief scout's office at the age of 61 with terrific enthusiasm to justify the club's gamble.
This year, join them at Michael's On East to honor 2014 Boundary Crosser Cathy Layton.
He was very fast down the wing and a good crosser of the ball.
A 'Hot Shot Hamish' free-kick against Newcastle on Wednesday exemplified his supreme dead-ball ability, while Baines (right) is also a wicked crosser of the ball and a reliable, intelligent defensive player.
Genetic variation from plant to plant in any particular crosser is considerably greater than in most selfers.
Days earlier, another failed crosser was described as "not sorry" when he reached dry land.
He is still a great crosser, a vital influence on the dressing room and will be a great asset for the GB team.
This concept "crosser" is called the XIV-1 and appeared just recently at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
Freestyle motor crosser Jamie Squibb will also be performing death-defying stunts and flips - including spectacular jumps more than 40 feet into the air.
He was a speedy left-winger and a great crosser of the ball.
As such, the Mexican border crosser is situated as an object tied to the physicality of the border, such that any movement away from the border enhances the perception of border crossers as being "out of place." By ascribing social and cultural expression to the border in a tangible geographic space, as well as a visible social element in the built environment, we suggest that border crossing enacts via bodies passing through fences, over walls, and across rivers a rhetorical and metaphorical representation of the border crosser.
Owen said: "Geremi is a fantastic crosser of the ball.
CROSS CROSSER: A pedestrian angry at cars failing to observe a stop sign was held in jail for creating his own zebra crossing.