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As one of the retreat's organizers, Crossed had shown up unannounced at Berrigan's New York City apartment to invite him to participate.
Crossed's most noteworthy activism, though, was purchasing Susan B.
The HTLV-3 strain Gessain found is extremely similar to a strain reported in the red-capped mangabey, which suggests that it crossed to humans very recently, Switzer says.
In other words, what makes purple loosestrife "invasive" is not, merely, that it has crossed borders, but that it became isolated from a system meant to contain it.
We have purple loosestrife that has crossed a bio-geographic boundary to the detriment of wetlands habitats.
This program also calculated crossing times for both rafting and bridging, based on the number of vehicles to be crossed.
After a year of hesitation, two years from beginning, I found to my delight that I had crossed. Look by look, smile by smile, I was accepted.
Goals are produced from first-touch shots off the crossed ball, from defensive mistakes that leave the ball on the floor in the box, and from poor defensive clearances that leave the ball farther out, but still in good secondary shooting zones.
The Court's admonition that the "threshold may not be crossed" provides the starting point for the inquiry and suggests that an "entry" occurs when police "cross the threshold" of a dwelling.
A train that crossed the continent could be revolutionary.
His feet, once shown straightforward and nailed separately, are now crossed over and nailed together, with his legs correspondingly bent and burdened.
An image of two lines crossed at right angles has long had symbolic value in pre-Christian and non-Christian cultures, but as a symbol of the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus Christ, it is safe to say that the cross is the most recognized and unifying symbol in all of human history.