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An Arab diplomat in Dubai divorced his veiled bride after he accused her and her family of not revealing that she had a beard and was cross-eyed, reports Gulf News.
After the ambassador and the woman, who is a physician, signed the marriage contract, the groom was sitting with the bridea he claimed to the Sharia court officials that when he wanted to kiss his wife-to-be, he discovered that she was bearded and cross-eyed as well," claimed the source.
Was out on the razzle again last night so bit cross-eyed this morning.
Though her eyes have opened only as tiny slits, zoo keeper Stefanie Krueger said: "It looks like she is a little cross-eyed.
Livingstone and Conway studied photos of 53 famous artists and found that 28 percent of them were slightly cross-eyed or walleyed, or had otherwise misaligned eyes.
A SOLIHULL couple failed to get medical treatment for their baby son for five days after he had suffered a serious head injury which caused him to go cross-eyed.
Cross-eyed and with a prognathous jaw that would put Jay Leno to shame, Wilkes entered Parliament in 1757 at the age of 31.
Gone cross-eyed trying to decipher a slide with 14 bullet points in 12 point type from the back of the auditorium?
You look at them cross-eyed, and they break," Williams says.
They knew it was cross-eyed from its hoof prints in the dust.
He is in far better form than Ian Woosnam and Alex Cejka, who are both putting like cross-eyed orang-utans, yet is a massive 9-4 in Coral's three-ball.
Handgun shooters who are cross-eyed dominant have several solutions.
With one eye on the federal government s track record and the other on corporate America, an observer could go cross-eyed.
Your sister Julie is a cross-eyed tomboy," Ricky bellowed that morning.
His most popular tale, however, remains Skaz o Tulskom kosom Levshe i o stalnoy Blokhe (1881; "The Tale of Cross-eyed Lefty from Tula and the Steel Flea"), a masterpiece of Gogolesque comedy in which an illiterate smith from Tula outwits the most advanced British craftsman.