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cross-examine (someone)

1. In law, to question a witness or suspect after the opposing side has already done so, as to undermine or clarify their testimony. I have doubts that that witness is telling the truth, and I'll expose it when I cross-examine him.
2. By extension, to question someone thoroughly. Geez Mom, why are you cross-examining me? I told you the truth—I was at Kelly's house all night.
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cross-examine someone

to question someone in court who has already been questioned by the opposing side; to question a suspect or a witness at great length. The lawyer plans to cross-examine the witness tomorrow morning. The police cross-examined the suspect for three hours.
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'The application is therefore refused, the defendant, having been availed of opportunities on March 21, 2018, May 10 and today to cross-examine PW1, who is available in court and ready for that, but the opportunities were not used, the application to foreclose the defendant from cross-examining PW1 is hereby granted, the defendant 's right to cross-examine PW1 is hereby fore-closed', Justice Okeke held.
Later, the court adjourned the hearing of the Flagship Investment reference till Friday (today), wherein Haris will continue his cross-examining.
The court asked the defense counsel to continue his cross-examining on next date of hearing and adjourned the case till October 24.
'Unlike other rules of procedure for the determination of 'probable cause,' the House rules do not prohibit the parties from examining or cross-examining witnesses.
The court said the commission was not only barred from cross-examining but was not even given access to the four witnesses, reports The Dawn.
John Anderson, 48, was driven out of his home in Paisley last year after causing outrage by cross-examining a 13-year-old alleged victim.
"Scottish ministers have instructed that proposals are developed to prevent an accused person charged with a sex offence from cross-examining a victim personally and to strengthen provisions restricting cross- examination on sexual history," he said in a parliamentary written reply.
In the plea, Shafi's lawyer said that cross-examining the witnesses is the right of the other party.
After the defense concluded cross-examining with NAB witness Mohammad Naeem, the court summoned other witnesses in the case on April 12.
The former premier's counsel Khawaja Haris has been cross-examining Zia for 10 days and Monday will be the 11th.
As the hearing commenced, the defense counsel Khawaja Haris continued his cross-examining with the last prosecution witness and Investigation Officer (IO) NAB Imran Dogar.
The Sharif family counsel, Khawaja Haris, completed cross-examining of prosecution witness Wajid Zia in Avenfield reference.
The applicants had also said that the magistrate had not directed the prosecution to supply them with Safaricom data which they want to use in cross-examining witnesses.
The chief magistrate said unlike other rules of procedure for the determination of probable cause, 'the House rules do not prohibit the parties from examining or cross-examining witnesses.'
Wallace told the Scottish Parliament's Equal Opportunities Committee: "I want to make crystal clear the Executive is committed to preventing the accused in sex offence cases from cross-examining the victim in person.