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cross-examine (someone)

1. In law, to question a witness or suspect after the opposing side has already done so, as to undermine or clarify their testimony. I have doubts that that witness is telling the truth, and I'll expose it when I cross-examine him.
2. By extension, to question someone thoroughly. Geez Mom, why are you cross-examining me? I told you the truth—I was at Kelly's house all night.
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cross-examine someone

to question someone in court who has already been questioned by the opposing side; to question a suspect or a witness at great length. The lawyer plans to cross-examine the witness tomorrow morning. The police cross-examined the suspect for three hours.
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Cross-examined, she said: "We are all blaming ourselves for what happened.
Cross-examined, she agreed that she had not slept properly since and had questioned what would have happened if she had not picked up the phone to Morris that day.
Due process requires that all persons who attribute a wrongdoing to another person be cross-examined, and the veracity of his statements be determined which can be done only through cross examination," Certeza said.
This will allow them to give their evidence and be cross-examined by both prosecution and defence barristers ahead of the trial in front of a judge, and then it is shown to the jury as part of the trial.
However, the trial was adjourned to summon police officers to be cross-examined by defence lawyers.
The trial collapsed after wheelchair-bound Daniel Doyle, 26, who was paralysed in the gun attack, refused to be cross-examined.
Chairman of the panel John Hunter said: "In all my experience, I have not known a case where the claimant, being present, has not given evidence and been cross-examined."
The defendants' lawyer, Jim Harrington, director of the Texas Civil Rights Project, cross-examined Tidmore.
But when cross-examined by Crown council lawyer, Brian Fukuzawa, there was little proof that the employers held health and safety in high regard, Williamson says.
"The stewards' secretary who has done you in the first place could attend and be cross-examined, like in a court of law."
Jani Allen, a South African journalist who sued over claims she had an affair with neo-Nazi leader Eugene Terre Blanche, said: 'Whatever award is given for libel, being cross-examined by you would not make it enough money.'
The Criminal Code protects children under 14 who are victims of violence from being cross-examined directly by an accused and some suggest this rule be extended to adult victims as well.
Patel, who appeared as a witness, was cross-examined by advocate Satyapal Jain.
ISLAMABAD -- The defence lawyer cross-examined head of joint investigation team (JIT) in Panama Leaks probe and prosecution witness Wajid Zia in Ishaq Dar assets case on Wednesday, media reported.
He also informed the court of the prosecution witness was also not in court and that he was supposed to be cross-examined today by the defence counsel.