cross paths

cross paths (with someone)

Fig. to meet someone by chance and not by choice. The last time I crossed paths with Fred, we ended up arguing about something inconsequential.
See also: cross, path
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At that time, Princess Madeleine also said that she is certain she will cross paths with the British royals.
She will cross paths with Raffy, played by Santos, whom she befriends and eventually falls in love with.
En route, they cross paths with a deranged bandleader, the cops, and a host of famous faces in cameo roles including James Brown, Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin.
Though it's not a newcomer to the flats boat market, every time I cross paths with one I find myself amazed that I don't see more of them on the water.
It is not long before his pursuit leads him to cross paths with FBI agent Brian O'Conner, and despite their hostile feelings toward each other, the pair work together to bring down those responsible.
As the cops investigate, they cross paths with Spanish priest Mendoza (Edgar Ramirez), who claims a demonic presence is responsible for the bloodshed.
Reds legend Ian Rush was at San Carlo Italian restaurant on Castle Street for a meeting when he happened to cross paths with half of the Kop's current favourite strike force: Daniel Sturridge.
As they struggle to come to grips with the drastic changes in their life, they cross paths with a foster child who claims that Helen's late husband pledged to take her in.
Wave iv of the diagonal would most likely cross paths with wave i, which is at 1.
Set in mid-21st Century Harlem, it is a futuristic thriller about how the lives of a young professional on the run for the murder of his boss and lover and a disgraced ex-cop cross paths as they learn about the spread of a powerful new drug that not only takes users out of their heads, but into the minds and memories of others.
One of the planes was attempting to cross paths with two others flying in opposite directions when they hit at speed.
At a filling station, they cross paths with Rome's gang, who have stolen a bagful of diamonds -- and murdered a couple of cops -- the day before.
Podsiadlo and Soler still cross paths from time to time.
Andy Hutchinson, defending, said they were unlikely to cross paths again.
My Lucky Star is Keenan's third novel--following My Blue Heaven and Putting on the Ritz--to center on the harebrained schemes of gay-boys-about-town Philip Cavanaugh and Gilbert Selwyn; this time around, they run amok in Los Angeles and cross paths with a closeted movie star, his eccentric family, and a troublemaking Hollywood madam.