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Then, like a bolt from a cross bow, a mass of spotted, yellow fur shot into view straight for Akut's back.
One stand is selling cross bows, for which there is a role Im sure.
I still worked in Glasgow, and my first encounter with Clyde salmon came when I began to get calls that there was a big run on and that idiots were foul hooking them and even using pitchforks and cross bows to catch them as they tried to ascend the weir at Blantyre.
Antlered and antlerless deer can be hunted by bow and cross bows.
A HIGH-POWERED air rifle and two cross bows have been stolen from a shed in Pontypridd.
I don't think anyone expected cross bows to be the salvation for reducing urban deer numbers, but I'm sure some folks with the DNR hoped they would at least help.
The raid at a house in the suburb of Parramatta on Wednesday also uncovered a variety of weapons, including two walking canes containing hidden swords, flick knives and cross bows.
The rhino trade is being driven by Asian demand for horns and is made worse by increasingly sophisticated poachers, who now are using veterinary drugs, poison, cross bows and high caliber weapons to kill rhinos, the report states.
I did leave before the second half as they started using cross bows to shoot an apple out of the ring master's hand so it got a bit dodgy as we were sitting in the front row
Michael seems to miss the basic fact that "arms" also means cannon, swords, lances, spears, knives, bows, cross bows, machine guns, axes, bombs, rockets, and the most basic hand-cannons such as rifles and pistols.
I refuse to sell cross bows because people were using them to shoot animals.
A MAN who tried to import knives and cross bows to sell on the internet has abandoned his attempt to prevent their confiscation.
Other incidents include dogs being cooped up and starved, cats being targeted with cross bows and one moggy being thrown down a storm drain for laughs.
The English force turned to the RUC for help after its officers came under fire from cross bows and petrol bombs.
While primarily designed for rifles, it may be mounted on pistols, cross bows, air rifles, paint ball guns, or virtually any firearm that has a .