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cross (one) (up)

To defy, challenge, or frustrate one. Don't cross that guy if you want a job in publishing—he's a celebrated editor. Stephen has crossed me up so many times I just can't trust him anymore.
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cross someone

to oppose someone. You best not cross Jim. He has a very bad temper. This is the last time you cross me, you hear?
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With the permission of the San Diego City Council, the Mount Soledad Memorial Association (MSMA) dedicates the cross on Mount Soledad as a tribute to veterans of World War I, World War II, and the Korean Conflict.
This is a book long needed by the Lutheran church: a consequential interpretation of the theology of the cross for its mission in the world.
We tend to think of our particular cross as a burden, something--or someone--that demands much time and energy from us.
Key words: electron beam x-ray microanalysis; electron ionization cross sections; x-ray microanalysis; microanalysis.
O'Mara tried to set the cross on fire with lighter fluid, but only charred it before leaving it on the lawn for Jubilee to find the next morning.
But Cross is actually at his best when he abjures nostalgia for the seemingly more wholesome toys of the past and focuses instead on the historical dynamics that put play and commercial playthings at the center of American childhood.
However, Bein conceded that the removal of the papal cross, put up before the agreement was signed, could be negotiated.
With scoring so difficult, players and coaches have to accept the single, time-tested verities of the game, such as the potency of the wing cross.
Despite its occasional "homiletic essays" (Kinnamon 108), containing the somewhat long-winded philosophizing of Cross and district attorney Ely Houston, the novel's structure provides suspense over Cross's fate and the extremes of his self-assertion as well as thematic interest in his evolving awareness of the horror of his actions.
Well, to borrow a Cross Colours catchphrase, "Judge 4 Yo Self.
No matter what your level of piety, theological leaning, or taste in art may be, meditating on the symbol of the cross is just about as close as you come to a Catholic imperative.
Another billion people recognize the cross as a sign of the life of a great prophet, descended from Abraham and born of a virgin six centuries before Mohammed.