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(as) crooked as a barrel of fish hooks

Very unscrupulous and deceptive. Paul's never run an honest business in his life—that guy is as crooked as a barrel of fish hooks.
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(as) crooked as a dog's hind leg

Very unscrupulous and deceptive. Paul's never run an honest business in his life—that guy is as crooked as a dog's hind leg.
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(as) crooked as a fish hook

Very unscrupulous and deceptive. Paul's never run an honest business in his life—that guy is as crooked as a fish hook.
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crook (one's)/the elbow

To drink alcohol, perhaps excessively. Come crook your elbow at the bar with us tonight! If you're this hung-over, you must have really crooked the elbow at the party last night.
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*crooked as a barrel of fish hooks

 and *crooked as a fish hook; *crooked as a dog's hind leg
very dishonest. (*Also: as ~.) Don't play cards with him. He's as crooked as a barrel of fish hooks. Mary says all politicians are crooked as a dog's hind leg.
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According to tale 4, the mean of post test marks of grade 2 students M=15.27 ,SD = 3.27 and crookedness coefficient equals -0.56 in a way that the minimum post test mark of these students was 8/5 and the maximum was 20.
The "crookedness" of body, mind, and soul reflects a necessary game of survival as the "malandro" figure negotiates his ways into impossible domains through gimmicks and wits.
(4.) "Cussed Crookedness," Louisville Courier-Journal, November 3, 1877, quoted in Dean Sullivan, ed., Early Innings: A Documentary History of Baseball 1825-1908 (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1997), 101-10.
You can experience the lean and crookedness first hand as daily tours of the tower to the base of the Crooked Spire take place Monday to Saturday from Easter to Christmas (PS3.50 adults, PS1.50 children).
Even in the days when men were men, boys were chimney sweeps and the training of racehorses was cloaked in mystery, intrigue and not a little crookedness, no-one managed to win them all.
Their hands were strengthened by every form of excess, every sin, every peccadillo, and together this welter of malfeasance encouraged the thought that there ought to be a law against wildcatting and irresponsible boosting, against lewd movies, against drunkenness, disrespectful music, depraved morality, and by extension against the crookedness and lasciviousness of the midways and the barbarity of a stampede.
Think about how many people you know who have had the wisdom teeth out, teeth removed because of crowding or crookedness, overlapping or just being out of alignment.
Statistical characteristics of out-of-plumb inclinations (sway imperfections) [[THETA].sub.1], [[THETA].sub.2] and initial crookedness of the columns (bow imperfections) [e.sub.1], [e.sub.2] were derived in Kala (2011a, b), see Fig.
Synonyms like deceiving, trickery, deception, craftiness, crookedness, cunning, dishonesty dissembling, dissimulation, double dealing dupery duplicity, fakery, foxiness fraud, guile wiliness all seems to fit Thein Sein's pseudo-civilian government.
As a result, "appearances are represented as pointing/leading to the attribution of crookedness to the wall".
It even accelerated through the 2000s, characterized by the discrete but cumulatively devastating steps of China's accession to the WTO; the globalization of production; the debauching of the US dollar to pay for George Bush's wars; the world-wide housing bubble of the 2000s; and the usual attendant parasitical phenomena, well-known to economic historians, of wildly leveraged speculation, gambling with debt, and plain crookedness. Through all of the above, no one in charge of the capitalist levers of power thought it worthwhile for the common good to match dollars with sense.
Teeuwen cites an infamous example of a European Union role (later abolished) that imposed constraints on the crookedness of cucumbers.
On this day, people resolve to cut ten heads-passion, pride, anger, greed, infatuation, lust, hatred, jealousy, selfishness and crookedness. (ANI)
A scrawny man with brow-darkened eyes and a fresh crookedness barbing his face as if he'd been howling or banging his head against the wall.