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(as) crooked as a barrel of fish hooks

Very unscrupulous and deceptive. Paul's never run an honest business in his life—that guy is as crooked as a barrel of fish hooks.
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*crooked as a barrel of fish hooks

 and *crooked as a fish hook; *crooked as a dog's hind leg
very dishonest. (*Also: as ~.) Don't play cards with him. He's as crooked as a barrel of fish hooks. Mary says all politicians are crooked as a dog's hind leg.
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As the tourists scatter, Spinelli looks at me, grinning crookedly.
It landed crookedly and swerved off the runway, according to a spokesperson for the NATO-led international peacekeeping force in Kabul.
Both boards are small and the lines are crudely cut, slightly crookedly.
A piece of wire, crookedly put up, between two bare trees, which will soon sprout leaves again, early in the morning.
Imagine if you were to install your trim crookedly, that you could still reposition it without the piece being ruined.
As a result, patterns were formed crookedly when the peeled resin was pushed into the center of the cavity.
Leicester nerves showed when Austin Healey gave possession away by feeding crookedly into a scrum but a second Stimpson penalty on 12 minutes settled the favourites nerves.
Managers, in turn, knew that they could be fired or jailed, or privatization could be withheld, if they ran the enterprise crookedly.
The altar stood crookedly, propped against the wall, not a trace of its former splendor remaining.
A splintered glass Guinness sign dangles crookedly from the gutted remains of the Cosy Corner pub and boarded-up windows cover the front of the Supervalu supermarket.
Scott Thomas's eyes dance, her devilish smile seems to have been put on crookedly, a bit like Groucho's moustache.
At its best, the author-editor relationship resembles that of close friends who look out for one another by pointing out a crookedly worn tie or a missed blouse button - not to be nasty, but to help avoid public embarrassment.
Noses sprout revolting bumps, faces break out in red spots, breasts and genitals shrink or enlarge drastically, and mouths branch crookedly from one cheek to the other, to cite a few examples.
Ancient Turkish arcades and houses, which survived centuries of raids and turbulence, are in ruins while the proud dome of the former governor's palace yawns crookedly over twisted iron and brick.
With a flutter of orange and black wings it lifted off, flying crookedly against the wind.