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criticize (one) for (something)

To voice disapproval of one for a particular action. We have to be on time today because they always criticize us for being late. I was criticized for that mistake even though it wasn't my fault.
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criticize someone for something

to reprimand or censure someone for something. I hope you don't criticize me too severely for my part in this matter. Maria criticized Ken for not being there on time.
See also: criticize
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I think by criticizing the government and exposing the dirty business of the AKP led government and intelligence agency.
It also includes Le Chi Quang, a 32-year-old lawyer, sentenced in November to four years in prison on charges of writing and posting on the Internet an essay criticizing the government for conceding too much land to China in a 1999 border agreement.
official responded by letter, criticizing Wetmore for having ignored the school's "admonitions" not "to post derogatory materials about staff on his website.
Lots of people I've spoken to -- not just the grassroots but also leaders of other pro-family organizations -- are bewildered at why George Bush is doing so much to pay homage to Islam," Joe Glover of the Family Policy Network, a Virginia-based group known mostly for criticizing gay rights, told Beliefnet.
But criticizing the conduct of the Israeli government in this particular instance does not equate to anti-Semitism.
It is a confusing article, apparently criticizing the CWL executive for claiming that Miss Curley was not an official spokesperson for them.
In the late '70s, after more than a decade of work criticizing U.
BURBANK - After criticizing Burbank's deal with the Bob Hope Airport over development there, David Gordon is making his first run for City Council on a pledge to stop airport expansion and prevent the ``Los Angelization'' of Burbank.
The governor is criticizing lawmakers' measures that address a wide range of topics, from cosmetic surgery on dogs to parking of ice cream trucks, and from renaming the Angels baseball team to condoms in prisons.
Bill O'Reilly criticizing CNN is like Dick Cheney criticizing the parent of a gay child.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's sweeping government-reorganization plan due to be unveiled today, Democratic leaders were already criticizing many of its recommendations Monday and questioning whether it could deliver on $32 billion in projected savings to taxpayers.
Re Paul Morgan Fredrix's March 20 letter criticizing former presidents for criticizing current presidents.