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criticize (one) for (something)

To voice disapproval of one for a particular action. We have to be on time today because they always criticize us for being late. I was criticized for that mistake even though it wasn't my fault.
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criticize someone for something

to reprimand or censure someone for something. I hope you don't criticize me too severely for my part in this matter. Maria criticized Ken for not being there on time.
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I think by criticizing the government and exposing the dirty business of the AKP led government and intelligence agency.
4-28: Doc Rivers fined $25,000 (again) for criticizing officiating.
The ad was a classic example of speech protected by the First Amendment, but it violated a federal campaign-finance law, which effectively barred such expenditures on the ground that they could influence the upcoming Presidential election by criticizing President Nixon and applauding one of his possible opponents, Senator McGovern.
Instead of criticizing Americans for recognizing the presence of the poor, how about criticizing policy that worsens inequality?
Makiya refers to this article as Said's "first response to the Gulf crisis," and chastises Said for having "nothing to say about Saddam Hussein." He then goes on to state that "the focus of the article instead was on Western culpability," and continues by criticizing the article for being about "culture, not history," and adding that Said in this article was arguing that "the eruption of the Gulf Crisis ...
In criticizing the idea that state-building can be construed simply as a coercive process of extracting material resources and manpower from local communities, Magagna might have emphasized the role of the English and French monarchies in guaranteeing the property rights of rural households as well a townspeople and nobles.
(At the time, I joined Dugan in criticizing the proposal at an IRS hearing.
Additionally, Wickline is widely known for criticizing the treating physician for failing to appeal the reviewer's discharge decision.
Just because this kind of "journalism" is risk-free and promises a brilliant future, instead of criticizing the government, they criticize the people who criticize the government.
So instead of criticizing, Drilon called on everyone to just help the government and propose solutions how to immediately provide help to "Yolanda" victims.
ISLAMABAD, January 02, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has decided to take action against Abid Sher Ali, the chairman standing committee on education as he committed the contempt of court by criticizing Chief Election Commissioner.
Participating in debate of NA's budget session here on Friday, PML-N emphasized on the construction of Kala Bagh dam and termed it as the need of the hour while strongly criticizing on the policies of government.
Many people applauded the recent decision of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal which unanimously overturned a 2002 decision by Court of Queen's Bench and a previous Human Rights Commission ruling that an advertisement criticizing homosexual conduct and citing Bible passages was hate literature under Section 14(1) of the Code.
It also includes Le Chi Quang, a 32-year-old lawyer, sentenced in November to four years in prison on charges of writing and posting on the Internet an essay criticizing the government for conceding too much land to China in a 1999 border agreement.
official responded by letter, criticizing Wetmore for having ignored the school's "admonitions" not "to post derogatory materials about staff on his website." FIRE'S president, Alan Charles Kors (a reason contributing editor), criticizes A.U.