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criticize (one) for (something)

To voice disapproval of one for a particular action. We have to be on time today because they always criticize us for being late. I was criticized for that mistake even though it wasn't my fault.
See also: criticize

criticize someone for something

to reprimand or censure someone for something. I hope you don't criticize me too severely for my part in this matter. Maria criticized Ken for not being there on time.
See also: criticize
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The AIR study that Tucker criticizes me for citing corroborated that point.
In particular, Best criticizes our choice to report that slightly less than a third of students were involved in bullying.
The column went on to criticize Clinton for his stands on gays in the military, his anti-war protests during the Vietnam era and his alleged marital infidelity.
He criticizes those who would apply reason to religious faith, and castigates "cafeteria Catholics" who subscribe only to those religious dictates with which they agree, but then argues that the Catholic Church's call for "a just wage" is based on "misunderstood economics"
Although Wilson could have easily been decided on the basis of the insurance policy language at issue, the court went out of its way to discuss other issues as well and to criticize the Wickline decision.
If Clooney wanted to prove that the news media had been terrorized and intimidated by McCarthy, and that Murrow had blazed the trail by being the first to criticize McCarthy, he's done a terrible job of it.
Although he avoids categorizing the pope as a misogynist, he criticizes John Paul II for insensitivity to the concerns of contemporary women, for cracking down on dissent, and for his lack of concern regarding church finances and clerical anguish over celibacy.
Writing as a political sociologist, the author criticizes the Marxist historians for neglecting conflicts of authority between peasant communities and aristocratic elites in favor of class-based theories about the relationship between agrarian capitalism and peasant revolts.
The grand jury report criticizes the Model B program because it uses some Spanish.
It also criticizes the export policies of the Clinton administration and the practices of two American satellite companies - Hughes Space and Communications International Inc.
The report criticizes loosened controls on exports of sensitive technologies, a cornerstone of Clinton's trade policies and commercial diplomacy, but does not pinpoint blame for the two decades of lax security at the weapons laboratories.
The document, released Thursday, criticizes McPhail and his deputies for failing to visit the Camarillo office often enough to address concerns.