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criticize (one) for (something)

To voice disapproval of one for a particular action. We have to be on time today because they always criticize us for being late. I was criticized for that mistake even though it wasn't my fault.
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criticize someone for something

to reprimand or censure someone for something. I hope you don't criticize me too severely for my part in this matter. Maria criticized Ken for not being there on time.
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Usman Kakar criticized what he said the culture of JIT and demanded independent investigations of the killing incident.
The removal of lady faculty member from Hostel Warden was criticized where a Teaching Assistant has been given additional charge of warden which is clear violation of Act.
He criticized both the interior and foreign minister for their statement and also lashes out the PM Abbasi for supporting these two ministers and bringing embarrassment to Pakistan for such behavior.
On another matter, Alyoum newspaper criticized Tehran's interventions in the region saying that they are without justification.
Some March 14 Maronite politicians have criticized Rai for indirectly defending Hizbullah's arms and linking the party's arsenal to the termination of Israeli occupation of Lebanese territory.
O'Reilly specifically criticized The New York Times for not giving Page One play to the story about the men arrested for an alleged terror plot against New York's John F.
Charles Fried, a Harvard Law School professor, whom the Times described as a "leading conservative scholar," criticized Brownback's actions.
He has criticized the tendency of gay priests to retreat from the larger population of seminarians even as he's also acknowledged that with rejection from the larger church comes a certain amount of internal persecution.
Clooney reenacted lines from a Murrow program called See It Now that documented how McCarthy had already been roundly criticized by newspapers from across the nation by the time Murrow's broadcast aired.
Within days of her new start, Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, who was approved Inauguration Day, criticized a PBS cartoon show that depicts gay couples, supported President Bush's drive to expand high school testing, and took a stand against a lapse in morality judgment.
An EU proposal, which would require chemical manufacturers to prove the safety of more than 50,000 chemicals if they are to stay on the EU market, was criticized as being costly, unworkable and a potentially major disruption to global trade.
NARA criticized the move in a statement that read, in part: "[The e-archiving project] is a critical need due to the volume and rapid obsolescence of electronic records today, let alone in the future." In the statement, NARA asserts that if the deferment makes it through full Senate, it will work hard to get the funding restored in negotiations with the House for the final version of the legislation.
(2003) criticized our presentation of data on a seasonal basis.
He has sent troops to Iraq and has been criticized for not doing enough to help his country's native people.
That's a year after the latter published a much-debated article in Mother Jones that, er, criticized the Sandinistas.