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criticize (one) for (something)

To voice disapproval of one for a particular action. We have to be on time today because they always criticize us for being late. I was criticized for that mistake even though it wasn't my fault.
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criticize someone for something

to reprimand or censure someone for something. I hope you don't criticize me too severely for my part in this matter. Maria criticized Ken for not being there on time.
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Conversely, one may think that agents can be criticizable without doing something wrong or impermissible.
He concluded that religious study must be intersubjectively criticizable as the sciences are, rather than fidiestic, in order to progress.
So from a modern 'Newtonian' point of view, Newton is clearly criticizable on this account.
The French philosopher Pascal Engel, in the article |Continental Insularity: Contemporary French Analytical Philosophy' 1987), describes the differences between analytical philosophy, conceived as a tradition and an attitude, and contemporary French philosophy as follows: Analytical philosophers believe that philosophy like science is a common enterprise, and that therefore philosophical theses are discussable and criticizable. Secondly, analytical philosophers are convinced that there can be progress in philosophy, although not in the same sense as in science.
Consider: just as rocks or bugs are not subject to authoritative demands to behave in certain ways, nor are they aptly criticizable for failures to behave in those ways--even though there are conditions of rocks or bugs that well-equip them for certain behaviors in certain circumstances.
Descriptive adequacy in giving an account of what is going on in the world is not obviously well-served by seeing only responses, mechanisms, brain-processes, and bodily movements in place of human actions generated and criticizable in accordance with norms.
It is an effort to say, "This tradition has to be accessible and it has to be criticizable by everybody--especially by secular Jews who need to engage with it." In the hands of the orthodox, it can produce a very nasty politics.
His conflicting policies may expose him to charges of criticizable inconsistency; but it still may be true that he endorses his distrustful inclination.
Of course, there may be good reasons in particular cases for not criticizing someone who acts wrongly even though the action itself remains criticizable. It surely, then, cannot be the case that we could claim some principled reason for never actually criticizing those who act wrongly.
People advance reasons, Habermas says, in order to gain intersubjective recognition for "criticizable validity claims" (p.
(Quite generally, intellectual rigour requires, at the very least, that we make explicit and so criticizable assumptions that are substantial, influential, problematic and implicit.) This interplay between improving empirical and theoretical knowledge on the one hand, and improving metaphysical blueprint and non-empirical methods (principles or criteria of explanatoriness) on the other hand, is absolutely vital if we are to proceed in an intellectually rigorous way, in such a way as to maximize the hope of progress.
A Humean will agree that an agent is criticizable for acting on a desire that p when it is also the case that she ought not to bring about p.
According to the first, robust beliefs are criticizable to the extent that their content fails to match the state of the world.